Actor Sushant Singh Rajput‘s brother-in-law Vishal Kirti wrote another important blog. This time, he tried to clarify Rhea Chakraborty‘s allegations against SSR’s family. In her latest interview with Aaj Tak, the actor, who has been accused of abetting the late actor’s alleged suicide, said that Sushant never had a good relationship with his father and that he had started taking marijuana even before he had met her and she tried her best to ‘reduce’ his intake. Also Read - SSR Case: Rhea Chakraborty Fails to Clearly Answer These 2 Questions Asked by CBI

Now, in his blog, Vishal Kirti said that all these allegations were just another attempt by ‘the accused’ to cover-up what she has done before she went in for a CBI investigation and right when the drug angle emerged in the case. “We are also closely watching the narrative in the media and we noticed that as soon as the drug angle came into the picture and CBI summon for the prime suspect was imminent, the accused’s PR machinery got activated,” he wrote. Also Read - Sushant Singh Rajput Death Probe: List of 15 Questions Asked to Rhea Chakraborty by CBI

Vishal added that the investigation being done by the Narcotics Control Bureau might just expose some big names from the industry and that’s the reason the entire PR machinery has come to force. He said, “Hypothetically, I can argue that this happened as soon as the drug angle came into the picture. Presumably, the names of the big “aakas” could come out and these “chamchas” have sprung into action to save their masters’ backs?” Also Read - Sushant Singh Rajput And Sara Ali Khan Stayed Inside Thailand Hotel For 3 Days, Friend Sabir Ahmed Reveals All

He went on to talk about Mumbai Police and wrote how it was reported that SSR was googling ‘painless death’ before his death while the reality is that he was searching for ‘properties’ in Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, and Coorg.

Vishal wrote, “This has been such a massive cover-up by the Mumbai Police that now is the right time to set the record straight. I am a champion of mental health initiatives and have read scores of books on different aspects of mental health, including looking into DSM-5. But in this case, mental health is being used by the accused as a cover-up for a crime.”

Further, addressing Rhea’s allegations about SSR’s father, he said that Mr KK Singh lived with Sushant and his sister Priyanka in Delhi to support them while they were completing their education, and their mother lived in Patna with Shweta at the same time to take care of her while she was going to school. “All I can see is middle class parents making sacrifices to expose their children to the best opportunities and as a matter of fact Sushant’s father was living with him and supporting him. Why is she cooking up stories about father abandoning his son?” said Vishal.

He went on to say that Rhea somehow tried to ‘pass the ball’ to SSR’s sister Meetu while constantly trying to ask what happened between June 8 and June 14. Vishal said that Meetu left SSR’s house on June 12, and Rhea should tell CBI if she ‘blackmailed him (Sushant) more or that was not needed because the accused knew that something bad is going to happen to Sushant as soon as Meetu Di left.’

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