Actor Saif Ali Khan has commented on the reports of lodging a police complaint against paparazzi for hounding his son Taimur Ali Khan and disturbing the neighbours. The actor has clarified that he didn’t make any complaint but he understands the stance of his neighbours when they feel bothered from the constant camera flashes, nuisance and gathering around their building to click Taimur, him and his wife Kareena Kapoor Khan. Talking to Pinkvilla, Saif mentioned that he respects both his neighbours and the paparazzi but he believes in providing normalcy for his child when he’s growing up and observing things around. Saif added that it’s his right as a father to think about his child’s well-being and not pose for the cameras stationed outside his residence in the city. Also Read - Kareena Kapoor Shares New Picture of Newborn Playing With Saif And Taimur, Hides His Face Again

He was quoted by the portal saying, “I did not initiate any police complaint against the photographers. Kareena and I live in a respectable residential area and are a part of the larger community, thereby we do also have a responsibility to emotionally support our neighbours when they feel a disturbance to them is being caused and to be fair, their sentiments are understandable.” He added his family understands that what the photographers do is to earn their livelihood and therefore, they share a respectful relationship with them. Also Read - Kareena Kapoor Khan Reveals Her Bedroom Secret With Saif Ali Khan, Says 'Wine, Pyjama And Saifu'

Saif also recently asked the paparazzi to not click his son at the airport telling them that Taimur will lose his eyes if photographers keep using flash while clicking him. Now, he defended what he said the other day. In his latest statement, he said that he finds nothing wrong in standing up for the health of his family and asking the photogs to back off. Saif then said that he is aware of his celebrity status and respects his fans who want to know about his whereabouts but that should not cause any harm to his child. Saif said, “As media figures, we have to live with the attention and we accept that. But our kids shouldn’t be subjected to it.” Also Read - Kareena Kapoor Khan is Not Sure If Taimur Ali Khan is Stretching Post Yoga Or Nap | See Photo