Actor Saif Ali Khan has once again talked about photographers hounding his son Taimur Ali Khan to capture his day-to-day moves. As reported by news agency IANS, the actor said he doesn’t like his son to be followed by the paparazzi because he is committed to giving the boy as normal a childhood as possible. He also explained what happened the day when the police came to drag away the paparazzi from outside his residence.Also Read - Kareena Kapoor Khan Shares Throwback Childhood Photo From a Christmas Party In 80s | See Picture

Saif said that the complaint was made but it was not him who initiated it. The actor, who is married to Kareena Kapoor Khan, revealed that he is glad that someone took the notice of the disturbance caused by the paparazzi outside his building and called the cops. The actor added that he also finds it ‘disturbing’ when people stalk his child for his pictures. However, he never wanted to call the cops because it could ‘deprive’ photographers of their jobs. Also Read - Karan Johar's Dream Project Takht Shelved Due To 'Controversial Mughal History'?

Saif was quoted by the agency saying, “Yes, the cops cleared the paparazzi because someone complained. Not me. I can’t say I feel kindly about their presence, because 10 people lounging about outside your house waiting for a shot of your kid is disturbing to say the least. I didn’t complain because I don’t want to deprive anyone of a job.” Also Read - Kareena Kapoor Khan's Newborn Son Jeh Ali Khan's First-Ever Pic, Baby Boy Looks Like Brother Taimur

The actor also requested the photographers to just leave Taimur alone and let him grow up without paparazzi galore. He said, “Please don’t stalk Taimur. He is not a star. He is just a child.”

Earlier, the actor slammed the photographers at the airport telling them to not use flash while clicking constantly as it could cause harm to Taimur’s eyes. He was seen telling them, “Stop it, the child will go blind.” Later, he talked to the media and clarified that he has to protect his child at any cost and that’s what he did at the airport.