Veteran actor and co-star of Salman Khan in his 1995 movie Veergati, Pooja Dadwal has once again reached out to him for help. The actor is currently living in Goa with her husband and has developed symptoms of COVID-19 including cough and cold. In her interview with Navbharat Times, she revealed that she doesn’t want to get tested because the tests are expensive and if she gets that much money, she would rather spend it on buying essential items for the home.Also Read - Bigg Boss 14: Know Release Date, Theme, Promo, Contestants, Facts About Salman Khan's Show

Pooja is struggling financially and her health is deteriorating. She said that she has lost her taste and is experiencing severe body ache and sore throat. The actor said that she is now running out of money and had already borrowed Rs 500-1000 from someone that has now been spent. She added that she wants Salman Khan to help her because he is the only person who comes ahead to help whenever it’s required. Also Read - Salman's Being Human to actor Pooja Dadwal's rescue

Pooja said that the superstar had come to her rescue and bore the entire expense of her treatment and living when she was diagnosed with tuberculosis earlier. Now, when she is again feeling sick and doesn’t have any money for the treatment, she’s relying on Salman for help. Also Read - Salman Khan Assures Help For His Ailing Veergati Co-star Pooja Dadwal

The actor was quoted saying, “I have earlier asked for Salman’s help and he came to my rescue. He helped me with my treatment in Mumbai for six to eight months and later he took care of my living in Goa. Today, once again I am in trouble and asking for his help. I don’t feel like pleading for help each time from Salman but no one else comes forward to support and help except Salman. I am once again in trouble Salman, please help me.”

Even though Pooja’s symptoms are similar to that of COVID-19, she said she can’t contract the virus and die so soon. The actor mentioned that she doesn’t feel it’s right to borrow money to get herself tested.

Before returning to Goa, Pooja had been living in Mumbai where she also shot for a film. She said that she used whatever earnings she made from the film in running the house and there’s no more money left for her to survive.