Actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s friend Sandip Ssingh once again talked about his late actor’s relationship with Ankita Lokhande. The producer has faced a lot of criticism for saying that Sushant and Ankita should have got married and that if Ankita was there in his life, he wouldn’t have died by suicide. However, in his latest interview with Hindustan Times, Sandip said he has made those statements out of love and not everyone knows the kind of bonding he shared with Sushant or Ankita.Also Read - Ankita Lokhande-Sushant Singh Rajput's Relationship: Sandeep Ssingh Says Even After Breakup, She Used to Pray For Him

Sandip said there are many people who understood his point of view and what he was saying in the moment of grief. He was quoted saying, “There are many who understood where I was coming from and there are many who have disagreed. Whatever I said came from my heart. Sushant and Ankita were made for each other. I feel it’s better to concentrate on the positives right now.” Also Read - Sushant Singh Rajput's Father Talks About Ankita Lokhande, Says She Visited The Family in Patna After Actor's Demise

Sandip also talked about the kind of love people have showered on Sushant. He wished that his friend was alive to see the extent of people’s love for him and how many of his fans have refused to accept that he died by suicide. The producer added that Sushant used to discuss many things, depression too, however, no one had thought that he had been dealing with depression at such a grave level that he would take his own life. He said, “He was a big star. Sushant loved his fans so much. Look at how much everyone is missing him. I wish he knew how much he is loved.” Also Read - Sushant Singh Rajput Suicide Case Latest Update: Actor’s Close Friend And Producer Sandip Ssingh Questioned, Tells Media ‘Will Talk At Right Time’

Further, Sandip commented on the kind of conspiracy theories that are circulating around Sushant’s death. He said that people should let him rest in peace and not create theories about him. The producer added that everyone is shocked and disheartened but cooking up stories is not the right way to pay him a tribute. Asserting that everyone should let the police do their work, Sandip said, “Sushant is gone and it’s been a difficult time for his family. But the way many are exploring theories around his death, it seems they already know why this happened. Neither his family nor I know what has actually happened. Police are investigating, let them find out the truth.”