The AIIMS report submitted to the CBI in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case has left many people baffling. The late actor’s friend and producer, Sandip Ssingh, now spoke about maintaining calm and waiting for the final word by the Central Bureau of Investigation in the matter. Also Read - Sushant Singh Rajput's Sister Shweta Singh Kirti Reacts to AIIMS Report Ruling Out Murder Theory in Case

The report by the medical team rules out ‘murder and poisoning’ as reasons for SSR’s death. Sandip, in his latest interview with ETimes, mentioned that everything now lies with the CBI and we should wait to hear from them. He said that many people have made a joke of the entire enquiry being done by three federal agencies in the country. Also Read - SSR Death Case: Mumbai Police Commissioner Comments on AIIMS Report Ruling Out Murder, Says 'We Stand Vindicated'

“I don’t know why we start reacting without knowing the absolute facts of the matter. As his friends, family and well-wishers, we wanted a CBI enquiry in the matter. Post that, the NCB enquiry also started. In the interim, a lot of people have spoken out of turn and made a mockery of an on-going investigation by a national agency. While I have read the statement made by Dr Gupta, I wonder why we are not waiting for the CBI to issue a comment or a conclusive statement. We are not ready to wait. The doctor has given his statement but the final word will rest with what the CBI’s enquiry report reveals,” said Sandip. Also Read - Sushant Singh Rajput Death Case: AIIMS Chairman Dr. Sudhir Gupta Confirms ‘No Injuries, No Marks of Struggle’

Earlier, SSR’s sister Shweta Singh Kirti reacted to the AIIMS report in the case and made a social media post asking the late actor’s fans to have faith in justice. She wrote a post mentioning that the toughest challenge is to maintain faith in the times when things don’t seem well. “The test of faith is when you can stay strong and unshaken during the testing time….I urge my extended family to have faith in God and pray from all your heart….Pray that the truth comes out. #AllEyesOnCBI,” she shared.

Dr Sudhir Gupta, who headed the AIIMS team assessing the autopsy report of the late actor made an official statement in the case and said, “There were no injuries over the body other than hanging. There were no marks of struggle/scuffle in the body and clothes of the deceased.” The team has concluded that Sushant died by suicide and there was no poison found in his body.