Legal trouble seems to be pouring in for Rajkumar Hirani’s highly-awaited biopic Sanju. As per latest reports, a complaint has been filed against actor Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma for allegedly making derogatory remarks against sex workers in the film. According to a report in News 18, the Ranbir Kapoor- starrer has landed in legal trouble for a remark made on the sex workers in the trailer. Also Read - Virat Kohli on How Vamika Changes Him And Anushka Sharma: Just to See Your Child Smile...

In one of the scenes in the trailer, we saw Anushka Sharma, who plays a journalist, asking Ranbir about his former girlfriends to which Kapoor’s character replies saying, “308, without counting the prostitutes”. This particular remark has not gone down well with sex workers. Reportedly, the complainants have approached National Commision for Women and have raised their objection against mentioning them in a disrespectful manner. This is not the first time when the film has landed in a trouble. Earlier a complaint was filed with the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) against Sanju. In his complaint, filed by activist Prithvi Mhaske, he raised an objection to the “toilet leakage scene in the barrack of jail picturized in the movie.” Also Read - Abhishek Bachchan Reveals Rishi Kapoor Would Follow Gossip Site To Keep Tab on Ranbir Kapoor

Dated June 11 and addressed to Prasoon Joshi, Chairman (CBFC) and the makers of the film and Ranbir Kapoor, the letter stated, “In the trailer of the movie we have seen a scene that Sanjay Dutt was in such a barrack of a jail in which the toilet overflowed. As per the information available, the government and jail authorities are taking a very well care of all the barracks of the jails. We never heard any such incidents anywhere. Earlier as well many movies were released based on the gangsters wherein the jails were covered but never had seen such incidents.” Also Read - Sanjay Dutt’s Sexist Rant on How to be a 'Real Mard' in This Old Ad Will Make Your Blood Boil | Watch

This particular scene will make a bad impression about the jails and jails authorities of the Indians (sic),” it added. “If there is no action about the same by you then we are left with no option to approach the honourable court to put stay on the release of the movie (sic),” the letter concluded.