Actor Sara Ali Khan is once again under the scrutiny of people on social media after she posted ‘All Lives Matter’ and then deleted the post on Instagram. The actor tried to show her support to the entire ‘Black Lives Matter‘ movement but moved a little away from the concern. She posted an image representing all skin-colours and suggested that all lives matter. The image was posted in the context of the protests that have once again highlighted the police brutality against black citizens in the US after an African-American national George Floyd was pinned down by his neck and murdered by a police officer.Also Read - 'Rahul Dubey is an American Hero': Twitter Hails Indian-American Man Who Sheltered 75 Protesters From Police During George Floyd Protests

The incident sparked the protests in the US where people have been demanding an end to the decades-long racial discrimination against the black community, especially done by police officers and those in power. The movement is to highlight the oppression that the black community has faced since forever in the world. That’s the reason when Sara posted ‘all lives matter,’ people schooled her on the real issue. She was told how by putting all on an equal platform at this time, she is taking away the attention from those who have been victimised and have faced persecution all their lives. Also Read - FRIENDS' Ross Geller Aka David Schwimmer Joins George Floyd Protests in NY, Says 'Demanding Better Future For Our Children'

A Twitter user tried to explain what’s exactly was wrong with Sara’s post. He put out a storyboard showing a house being set on fire and a person showering water on the other house that’s not under any threat. When another person asks him why he is not throwing water on the house that needs help, he says ‘all houses matter.’ The tweet read, “An overused but accurate analogy “If I say my house is on fire and you say ‘All house matter,’ well that may be true, but all house aren’t on fire right now,my house is” So it should have been “All lives won’t matter until black lives matter”.#SaraAliKhan #AllLivesMattter” (sic) Also Read - George Floyd Murder: All Four Cops Involved in Killing Now Face Homicide Charges

Check out these tweets trying to explain what was wrong in Sara’s tweet:

Several other Bollywood celebrities have also come in support of the movement and have demanded an end to the persecution of minorities everywhere in the world. In fact, when filmmaker Zoya Akhtar was asked why she didn’t say ‘all lives matter’ instead of ‘black lives matter’ in an Instagram post, she said she didn’t want to take away the moment from those who are important at this time i.e the black people who have suffered years of discrimination at the hands of the white due to their skin colour. What do you think of the whole issue?