How many students and teachers share a relationship like Madhuri Dixit shares with her mentor Saroj Khan? On the diva’s 53rd birthday, we thought of exploring the same warmth of that relationship and got in touch with Master ji herself who nurtured Madhuri into the gorgeous dancing-diva that she is today. It was in 1987 film Uttar Dakshin that Madhuri was first choreographed by Saroj Khan. The bonding that started 33 years back flourished into a relationship full of respect and love for each other. Today, as Master ji says, her relationship with Madhuri is like that of a ‘mother-daughter’. Also Read - Canadian YouTuber-Talk Show Host Lilly Singh Pays Perfect Dance Tribute to 'Queen' Madhuri Dixit Nene on Birthday

The affection and respect that Saroj Khan used while talking about Madhuri seemed so pure that it’s hard to believe you can find such selfless relationships in an industry where bondings are only made to climb up the ladder of success. The senior choreographer reminisced the time when she taught Madhuri the style of Bollywood dancing, the one that requires a female actor to ‘shake her hips.’ She said, “She’s a beautiful student of mine. We have worked together in many songs. We have enjoyed each other’s dances. She’s a perfect dancer. But she didn’t know Hollywood-Bollywood dancing. In Kathak, you don’t have to move your hips. It’s considered a taboo. You only move your website. So, she was nervous before. You have to shake your hips here. Our story began from the sets of Uttar Dakshin. She took some time but learned very quickly.” Also Read - Happy Birthday Madhuri Dixit Nene: 10 Bollywood Songs That Show There Can Never be a Dancing-Diva Like Her

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Khan said Madhuri was superbly talented from the beginning but her life changed when Tezaab (1988) released. The choreographer said the song ‘Ek Do Teen Chaar‘ changed everything for the diva and it was the result of days of hardwork and a strong conviction on Madhuri’s part. While elaborating around the incident, the popular choreographer added that even when she was asked to leave after training got over, she continued to rehearse.

Tezaab milne ke baad Madhuri hit hui. Usme gaana kiya tha humne. (Madhuri was a hit after Tezaab. We worked on a song together in that movie). Madhuri rehearsed for 17 days. The song was Ek Do Teen. She wanted to achieve the highest level of perfection in that song. She had completed her training in just 10 days. I asked her to leave telling her that I would train the group now but she refused. She wanted to continue the training and she said, ‘Master ji main yaha kone me naachti rahugi jab tak aapki rehearsals chal rahi hai’. (I would just stand in the corner and keep my rehearsals on while you are teaching others’). She was very sincere and the results are for all to see.”

Can there be anyone like Madhuri? For anyone else, there could still be options but not for Saroj Khan. The veteran choreographer took no time in saying, ‘I don’t see Madhuri in any actress today.’ Khan added that she loved the way Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Deepika Padukone dance but their styles are different. Master ji said, “I don’t see Madhuri in any actress today. There are Aishwarya and Deepika who are very good dancers. But, they have their own style. Aishwarya and Madhuri danced together on Dola Dola. The form was the same but their styles were different.”

Saroj Khan added that what makes Madhuri special and truly beautiful is the kind of respect she gives to others. The senior dancer said, “We have been constantly in touch. She has always respected me. Madhuri always obeys. She never says ‘I can’t do.’ She is an obedient student.”

While concluding the interview, Master ji insisted that we have to send her wishes across to Madhuri. She said, “May God give her a long, healthy, and wealthy life. God bless her.”

Happy birthday to the woman who has such pure blessings and love of people in life!