The Screenwriters Association has formulated a new plan to ensure the film writers get better remuneration for their contribution to a film. The association has drafted a set guideline of payment structure that needs to be adhered to by the producers before having writers on board. As per the new plan, the payment structure is fixed at the various stages of writing according to the budget of a film. Also Read - 'Mirzapur 3 Won't be Released', Warns Advocate Who Filed Plea Against Amazon Prime Video Show in Supreme Court

A report in Mumbai Mirror revealed that the producers need to give Rs 12 lakh to the writer if the production budget lies upto Rs 5 crore, Rs 24 lakh for a film that has its production budget between Rs 5 cr-Rs 15 cr, and if the budget increases Rs 15 cr, the writer’s minimum fee stands at Rs 36 lakh. Here’s the complete plan: Also Read - No Slang, Less Violence! Mirzapur Makers To Revamp Show With Major Changes, Likely To Change Title

Production BudgetStoryScreenplayDialogue Script (Story + Screenplay+ Dialogues)
Less than Rs 5 crRs  3 lakhRs  5 lakhRs  4 lakhRs  12 lakh
Rs 5 cr to Rs 15 crRs 6 lakhRs 10 lakhRs 8 lakhRs 24 lakh
More than Rs 15 crRs 9 lakhRs 15 lakhRs 12 lakhRs 36 lakh

Now, even though the plan needs to have official approval from the Producers Guild of India, filmmaker Ritesh Sidhwani has already come on board. In an interview with the daily, he mentioned that his production company, that he co-owns with Farhan Akhtar, will always stand for fair-pay for the writers. He said, “I am not a writer, but I know it is a demanding job. We already have a system in place wherein writers over the last few years have had the option of entering into a profit-sharing agreement with us. An individual can decide if he/she wants a higher base fee or a lower amount and coupled with two percent shares in the profit. Fukrey writers got around Rs 70 to 80 lakh, as they had a profitsharing agreement with us.” Also Read - Mirzapur Controversy: No Arrest For Producers Farhan Akhtar And Ritesh Sidhwani

Ritesh also informed that the new plan doesn’t only ensure minimum pay but also includes fair credit to writers for their work. It also ‘discourages arbitrary termination of the contract.’

The report also quoted Anjum Rajabli, Senior Activist, Screenwriters Association, saying, “The Minimum Basic Contract guarantees credit for script, screenplay, dialogue and story separately.”