Producer Honey Trehan opened up on actor Rishi Kapoor‘s last film Sharmaji Namkeen that he had shot in Delhi in January this year. The producer of the film recalled the happy times from the sets and just how professional Kapoor was. In an interview with Mumbai Mirror, Trehan said it’s disappointing to realise that Sharmaji Namkeen is going to be the actor’s last film because he was very excited about returning to the sets and was looking forward to shooting with Deepika Padukone in the Hindi adaptation of The Intern. The producer added that Kapoor was also scheduled to do a comedy film with Sanjay Dutt titled Pandit Galli Ka Ali in which he would play the role of a pandit (priest) and would go bald for the role. Also Read - Shah Rukh Khan Pays Tribute to Rishi Kapoor in a Heartwarming Post, Says 'Will Miss Him For His Gentle Pat on Head'

Recalling an incident where Kapoor set an unbelievable example of professionalism, Trehan revealed that it was on January 14 when Kapoor’s sister Ritu Nanda had passed away in Delhi and he had to start shooting from January 15. The producer said he asked the actor to reschedule and sent a condolence message to which he replied asking the call time for the next day. Also Read - Alia Bhatt Shares Ranbir Kapoor's Childhood Photo While Giving Tribute to Rishi Kapoor, Writes 'Love I Received From You is a Warm Hug'

Trehan was quoted saying, “We were looking to reschedule but in answer to my condolence message he asked, ‘What is the call time tomorrow?” I told him to take it easy for a few days to which he retorted, “Bakwas maat karo, what happened is personal, but work is my profession. I am equally responsible for both. The show must go on.’ On January 15, he was on the set at 8.45 am.” Also Read - Rishi Kapoor's Funeral Pics: Alia Bhatt Consoles Grieving Neetu Kapoor, Kareena-Saif Also Attend

Sharmaji Namkeen is a light-hearted coming-of-age story of a lovable 60-year-old man. Talking about Kapoor’s large-heartedness and his love for meeting up on drinks, Trehan revealed another incident. He said it was before the lockdown that he had texted him to check up on his health and asked if he could meet him in the morning. The producer said Rishi agreed and asked him to come in the evening instead insisting that mornings are for serious conversations while the evenings ‘were for spending time together’. Trehan said, “he insisted I come after 8 pm so we could have a drink together. He was very particular about time, so if you were delayed even by five minutes, it was imperative you inform him. It’s sad that ours will be his last film.”