Former Union Minister Smriti Irani took to Twitter to praise actor Sonu Sood who has been helping the migrant workers in Mumbai reach their hometowns. The former actor and now Minister of Textiles, and Women and Child Development said she knows Sonu for two decades and the kindness that he has shown by helping people in these difficult times is extraordinary. Smriti added that she’s proud of the actor’s deeds and how he has emerged as the kind of star that India needs currently.Also Read - Sonu Sood Trends on Twitter as People Thank Him For Being The Messiah For Migrant Workers

Her tweet read, “I’ve had the privilege of knowing you as a professional colleague for over 2 decades now
@SonuSood & celebrated your rise as an actor ;but the kindness you have displayed in these challenging times makes me prouder still thank you for helping those in need” (sic) Also Read - After Sending Karnataka Workers Home, Sonu Sood Arranges Buses For UP Migrant Workers

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Sonu Sood has been reaching out to the migrant workers stuck in Mumbai with no financial aid or other sources to go back to their home states. The actor has so far sent over 750 workers in 20 buses to Karnataka and UP under his initiative called Ghar Bhejo. He has been constantly interacting with people reaching out to him on social media and asking them to send their contact details. Sonu’s work has been appreciated by the Maharashtra government and his fellow colleagues from the industry. Some of his friends have also come forward in helping him with money as he continues to take permission from the governments of more states.

People have already declared Sonu a messiah for the migrant workers on social media. There are hashtags in the actor’s name and thousands of tweets blessing him and wishing him the best for setting the right example of humanity in a time when it’s needed the most.

Sonu’s friend Neeti Goel talked about the Ghar Bhejo initiative and revealed that both she and actor have teamed up to take care of the plight of the migrant workers in Mumbai. She said earlier it used to take around a month to obtain permission from the governments of the respective states but now, they have managed to build a chain that helps them get permission in just two days. The cost of one trip ranges from Rs 64,000 for about 800 km, to Rs 1.8 lakh for 1600 to 2000 km that both Neeti and Sonu are spending from their own pockets, along with providing free food and drinks to the travellers.