Actress Soni Razdan says the actors are not the only people responsible to make this country a better place for its citizens. The actress was speaking at the trailer launch of her upcoming film No Fathers In Kashmir when she was asked to comment on actors being criticised for not speaking on matters concerning the nation. Soni said that it’s not fair to only expect actors to speak out on the matters that have the possibility of making a section of people angry. She said every citizen has a responsibility of making our country better and everyone should contribute his/her best. The actress also revealed that no actor accepts a project thinking of it as an opportunity to express his feeling of patriotism. She said an actor accepts a good project and a good story. Also Read - Luviena Lodh Reacts to Mukesh-Mahesh Bhatt's Defamation Suit, Shares New Video on Social Media

Soni said, “I feel, if I criticize my country, it’s not because I don’t like my country. I love my country, that is my patriotism… I want to make it a better place for my children, for everyone. And if we don’t look at what’s in front of us, and we allow things to get out of hand because of other vested interests, then as citizens are not doing a good job.” Also Read - ‘We Refute Allegations’! Mahesh Bhatt Moves Civil Suit Against Luviena Lodh, Seeks Rs 1 Crore in Damages

She added, “Forget being an actor-director, we as citizens have the responsibility to make the country a better place. And that doesn’t mean advertising other people’s agendas it means looking at what is wrong and making it right.” Also Read - Mahesh Bhatt’s Lawyer Reacts to Luviena Lodh’s Video, Calling Filmmaker Don And Accusing Him of Harassment

The actress plays an important role in the film, which talks about the hidden reality of Kashmir. No Fathers In Kashmir has been stuck with the Central Board of Film Certification for very long. At the trailer launch, director Mahesh Bhatt talked about the same and said, “It’s a tragedy that a film like No Fathers In Kashmir, a filmmaker who puts his film together and run from pillar to post begged people to get it through. In this age and time, is there anything called censorship? I have the audacity to look at the truth, the greatest epic which mankind has been blessed with, the Mahabharata came from the battle of Kurukshetra, in that moment of darkness, he who locks the eyes with the darkness discovers a life which Aswin has discovered.” The film releases on April 5.