Singer Sonu Nigam is very well known in India with a career spanning over two decades in the music industry. He is considered as one of the most versatile singers of the Hindi film industry, and is also one of the most sought after artists, who has released Indian pop albums and acted in a number of films too. Sonu has always been very vocal about the state of musicians in the country, and recently spoke about it again. Also Read - Abhijeet Bhattacharya Opens About Favouritism in Music Industry, Says 'Who is Salman Khan to Decide Who Should Sing a Song'

At the Agenda Aaj Tak 2018, Sonu took a dig at the way singers from Pakistan were getting more offers from India than the Indian singers themselves. Also Read - Sonu Sood Reacts to Nepotism Debate: It is Not Right to Blame One Section of Bollywood

“Sometimes, I feel like it would be better if I was from Pakistan. At least I would get offers from India,” he said. Also Read - Divya Khosla Kumar Gives Befitting Reply to Allegations Leveled Against Bhushan Kumar by Sonu Nigam

Sonu also spoke about the treatment that was meted out to Indian singers compared to Pakistani singers, saying that the former had to pay to perform at shows.

“Nowadays, singers have to pay music companies for shows. If we don’t shell the money, they will play songs sung by other singers and highlight them. Then, they will take money from them,” he claimed.

“They don’t do the same with Pakistani singers. But then why single out only Indian singers? Atif Aslam is a very close friend of mine. He is never asked to pay to sing at shows, neither is Rahat Fateh Ali Khan,” he stated.

Sonu blames the increasing number of remixes for the treatment, saying, “Earlier, the composers, lyricists and singers created a song. Now, the music companies have taken over that job.”

The singer-actor-performer is very well known for not mincing his words, and had even sparked a nationwide debate when he called for ban of loudspeakers used at religious places. The controversy that erupted from it, led him to quit Twitter.