With the incredible social work that actor Sonu Sood is doing in these pandemic times, anyone in the country would love to vote for him in a leadership position someday. Well, seems like the idea has already been germinated and is being endorsed widely among the masses. It started when a Twitter user told comedian Vir Das that he should be the next Prime Minister of India but he replied by saying that it should be Sonu Sood instead. Many Twitter users came to agree with Vir and started writing about how amazing it would be if we have Sonu as the leader of the nation.Also Read - Sonu Sood Assures Help To Makeup Artists Who Gather Outside His Residence | Watch

“@thevirdas for prime minister 2024,” wrote a fan. Vir replied by tweeting, “Wrong number. Dial Sonu Sood” and this got a nod from many Twitter users. Also Read - Sonu Sood Provides 16 Oxygen Cylinders To Bengaluru Hospital, Saving 22 Covid-19 Patients' Lives

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One Twitter user wrote, “This is a very interesting point, why can’t we all have Sonu Sood as our next Prime Minister? I think he will serve the post the best. The way he has reached out to every corner of the country. Let’s do something about this” (sic), another user wrote, “What are the odds of a good person becoming a successful politician?” (sic). Many others left comments like ‘good idea’, ‘right answer’ while supporting Vir’s thought. A few users suggested having Sonu Sood as the leader and Vir Das in opposition so that there’s a balance of healthy politics.

People’s love for Sonu today knows no bounds. He has been constantly helping everyone over the last year to survive the pandemic. His goal that started with sending the migrant workers home during lockdown last year has turned into a wide initiative that includes helping those fighting with COVID, providing plasma, hospital beds, oxygen cylinders to people around the country. The actor’s contribution during these times when the health sector has totally crumbled is the greatest and has provided immense hope and relief to the common man.

Not a bad idea for 2024… what do you think?