Actor Sonu Sood has been doing a great social service to the nation in the most trying times of COVID-19. The actor once again opened up on his initiative named Ghar Bhejo under which he has sent over 30,000 migrants to their homes so far. In his latest interview with Times Now, the actor talked about his political interests and the channel he has established across the country to make things smooth for the migrant workers. Also Read - Sonu Sood Comes to Aid of Munna Bhai MBBS Actor Surendra Rajan After he Runs Out of Money

When asked about his political affiliations and on which side does he find himself in the Modi vs Rahul Gandhi debate, Sonu revealed he is a ‘huge Modi fan.’ The actor said, “The way he connected with common man, it is really inspirational. He is a leader who went ahead for some revolutionary decisions in the country. He is the one I really look up to.” Also Read - Real-Life Hero! Sonu Sood Helps Man Reach Varanasi to Perform Last Rites of His Wife

The actor went on to reveal that he was approached by the political parties in the Lok Sabha elections but he refused everyone. Sonu said he was approached by most of the parties except Shiv Sena. He added that apart from BJP, he was approached by both the NCP and the Congress in Punjab but he refused to be with the Akali Dal. Also Read - Sonu Sood on Arranging Special Flight For 180 Assamese Migrants: I Was Emotional to See Their Smiling Faces

Despite his political interests and friendships, Sonu has been appreciated by most of the leading faces from different parties. The actor said that it was Priyanka Gandhi who first acknowledged his work and then people from the NCP came forward to pat his back. The actor also talked about how the government should have had a better plan for the migrant workers before announcing the lockdown. When asked if he thinks ‘sudden lockdown was a good idea and was it the right decision to arrange transport for migrants’, Sonu said there were loopholes.

The actor was quoted saying, “I am not in a position to say that could have done something, but when the lockdown was implemented, we must have allowed buses to operate on highways, not inside the cities but inter-state buses for migrants should have been allowed. I don’t know if I could reach a lot of people but yes, it provided a ray of hope to some. When I started communicating with them, they understood that I was only trying to help them.”

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