Actor Sonu Sood now knows how it feels to receive immense love and respect from the common men of the country. In a heartwarming gesture, a migrant worker who was stranded in Kochi during the lockdown has named his new shop after the actor. The man named Prashant Kumar Pradhan hails from Odisha. He was airlifted by Sonu and his team along with many others and sent to his hometown in Odisha. Now, to show extreme respect to the actor, Prashant named his new shop ‘Sonu Sood Welding Work Shop’ to thank the Simmba actor for his selfless efforts. Also Read - Sonu Sood Now Donates 25000 Face Shields to Maharashtra Police, Gets a Thank You Note From Anil Deshmukh

Prashant talked about his decision in an interview with The Times of India and mentioned that he was totally helpless in Kochi when Sonu came to his rescue. “I was working as a plumber in a company near Kochi airport. I was earning around Rs 700 per day. After the lockdown, I lost my job and money started drying up,” he said. Also Read - Sonu Sood Helps 400 Families of Migrants Who Died in Accident or Suffered Injuries While Walking Back Home

The 32-year-old man acquired proper permission from Sonu before using his name and the actor felt immensely touched by the gesture. He said, “I have endorsed so many brands, but this is something special and very close to my heart.” Also Read - Sonu Sood Reacts to Nepotism Debate: It is Not Right to Blame One Section of Bollywood

Prashant had failed to get a seat on the Shramik Special train and had received no help from the local leaders also when Sonu’s team helped him reach his home. His shop is located at Hatina which is around 140 km from Bhubaneswar.

Talking about the gesture, Sonu added that he would visit Prashant at his shop whenever he goes to Odisha and will also try his hands at welding.

The actor has been at the forefront, helping thousands of migrant families across states in the country. His initiative Ghar Bhejo first began by launching a few buses for the relief of the migrants but as the campaign got support, many people were also sent to their homes in trains and planes.

A book on the entire relief effort spearheaded by Sonu is going to be published by Penguin Random House India’s Ebury Press Imprint by the end of the year.