Actor Sunny Leone flew to the US earlier last month thinking the situation amid COVID-19 would be better there and she would be safer with her family. However, she found herself stuck amid the raging anti-racism protest after the murder of African-American national George Floyd who was pinned down on neck to death by a police officer. Sunny, in her latest interview with Mid-Day, revealed more about the situation there and how protests are becoming more aggressive with each passing day. The actor, who is a US national, said there are lootings happening in the city.Also Read - Anonymous Hacktivists Return After George Floyd Murder, 'Expose' Files on Donald Trump's Child Trafficking-Princess Diana's Alleged Killing

Sunny is currently residing in LA with husband Daniel Weber, his mom, and the kids. She said, “There are riots everywhere and rampant looting in stores. So far, we haven’t heard of looting in homes. At this point, we can only pray that it doesn’t happen.” The actor went on to talk about racism and how it’s a far graver problem than what it appears at the surface. She said the anger and the frustration seen in the protests are understandable. “I feel sorry for his family and every person who has been at the receiving end of racism. It’s time we treat each other with humanity,” she said. Also Read - 'Daddy Changed The World': George Floyd's Daughter Gianna 'GiGi' Floyd Proudly Tells Former NBA Star Stephen Jackson | WATCH

Four former cops – Derek Chauvin, Tou Thao, Thomas Lane, and J Alexander Kueng – have been charged with the death of Floyd nearly a week after nationwide protests demanding the end of police brutality against black citizens emerged in the US. Sunny also said there’s a need to educate such cops better. She said, “The people who did this should face penalties. Police brutality is (prevalent across) the world. There should be seminars (for cops) on how to treat people to stop such unwanted violence.” Also Read - 'They're Going to Kill Me': George Floyd's Last Words Displayed on Banners Across Skies in 5 US Cities

The actor is also thinking of returning to India. She said she’d ‘love nothing more than to return to India’ because that’s her home.