During coronavirus lockdown, Hrithik Roshan and his ex-wife Sussanne Khan decided to stay together to take care of their sons and together be with them as a family. Now, she opened up about co-parenting with Hrithik during the COVID-19 pandemic. Writing a long blog on the Vogue website, she revealed that when the pandemic was declared, she and Hrithik decided on staying together in the same home and thought that it would be the intelligent and soulful decision for their sons. Also Read - Hrithik Roshan's Reply to Fan Asking if he Has Cigarette in Hand is Winning Hearts

She asserted, “When COVID-19 was declared a pandemic and the news was out that a lockdown would be imperative, Hrithik and I decided that staying together in the same home would be the more intelligent and soulful decision for our sons, and for us. We realised early on that the days ahead would require us to regroup our energies towards creating serenity for one another. With that thought in mind, and a heap full of love, we started on our lockdown adventure.” Also Read - Sussanne Khan Shares Glimpse of Her Lockdown Diaries With Hrithik Roshan And Sons Hrehaan, Hridaan

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. Focus. Stay objective . Follow all the rules. . Plan for a few steps ahead. Be prepared. You may have to make some sacrifices. And that’s ok. . Weigh the advantage and disadvantage of every move. Mistakes may result in loss of lives. . Aim from a distance. Don’t move in too close. Protect yourself and your clan. . Don’t panic. It’s not just a game. O and wash your hands before you begin. . I guess the rules remain the same for all kinds of wars in our lives. . Let’s win this. . #washyourhands #stayhome #indiafightscorona #contribute #weareinthistogether #stayclean #socialdistancing #covi̇d19

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She says that on the very first day of the lockdown, they sat together and created a list of ‘quarantivities’ (activities to do as a family in quarantine). She said, “The idea was to structure our days in such a way that we grow our minds, warm our hearts and keep our bodies fit and strong—where we have no option but to use a little creativity and innovation to enjoy our days without a sense of monotony seeping through.”

She says that the most she enjoys during the quarantine is the one hour reading time that the co-parents have set aside for themselves. She adds that it was Hrithik’s idea of sitting together silently in the same room and read individual books, for at least five times a week. She says, “It’s wholesome bonding time with the boys that enriches our hearts along with our brains.”

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. Couldn’t ask for a better view. . Or a more suited book . . #Coexist #doglovers

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Speaking about Hrehaan and Hridaan’s inclination towards the music, she said, “By the grace of God, our boys have been inclined towards music from a young age. Hrithik has been instrumental in giving them that kick-start towards this. As of today, both have reached level four in guitar from Trinity College London. Hrehaan, our older son, has a band with a few of his school friends, called Bandaid. Their tutor Kunal, an extremely committed guitar teacher, has been shaping their talent. The band has regular one-and-a-half-hour jam sessions online with Kunal. The boys then record songs in their own homes.”

“Hridaan, my younger son, has this unique talent of drawing incredible doodles and anime. Watching him draw soothes my mind. He is so detailed and focused that it never fails to amaze us. In his head, I know, he is already an artist with his own individual drawing style. Seeing that makes us so very proud as parents. In addition, both boys are also teaching themselves to play the piano through certain online apps”, she added.

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Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind.. 🌻 #summeroflockdown2020 #somuchtolearn #glowgetter

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Calling Household chores therapeutic, she says that ‘every activity force us to acknowledge and appreciate what we have—from laying the dining table for lunch and dinner, to washing your own clothes, gardening on your terrace or sketching, drawing and painting. I hope to include some of this in my schedule even when there is no lockdown.’