Filmmaker and a woman of substance, Tahira Kashyap has once again taken to Instagram to make an inspiring post. Tahira, who’s married to actor Ayushmann Khurrana, has made a post about body positivity and how important it is to accept yourself irrespective of whether you have long hair, short hair or no hair. Tahira has posted a few photos that show how she dealt with hair loss due to cancer. Her post talks about the importance of embracing yourself even the harshest of times and when your body doesn’t look like how you always expected it to be. Also Read - Oscars 2021: Ekta Kapoor, Guneet Monga, Tahira Kashyap's 'Bittu' Makes it to Top 10 in Short Film Category

In her long and motivational post, Tahira writes, “WARNING!! Before you swipe left, some pictures might not go down too well with your palette. But I am hoping there is a change in the perception of that one perfect flavour that we have always had. The last couple of months have been an extreme case of metamorphosis for me. And I am not categorising it whether it was from a caterpillar to a butterfly phase or vice versa. I could be the larva or the pupa or any other intermediate stage as each phase is unique and special. But there is a deep sense of acceptance when it comes to the life cycle of this creature. Taking a ‘leaf’ from this caterpillars life, I feel I have undergone a tremendous change mentally and physically too. ” Also Read - Ayushmann Khurrana Shares His First Look as Joshua From ‘Anek’, Collaborates With Anubhav Sinha After Article 15

She adds, “From my obsession with long hair, associating beauty with rapunzel tresses, and hiding most of the time behind my hair (as I felt secure , lest my crooked nose, or freckles or pimples or simply not so chiseled face isn’t exposed) to losing my hair, wearing extensions and a cap, going bald to now a short crop. I am enjoying every phase because somehow with hair I lost my insecurity, my stupid notion of beauty and my complexes. I don’t know whether I’ll keep long hair or not, in either case I am not going to hide my face. I don’t claim to have refined beauty, but I have changed my own mindset and my biggest victory is changing the mindset and perception of my 7 year-old-son, the next generation.” Also Read - Ayushmann Khurrana: A Big Film Should Trigger Conversations at National Level

Tahira goes on to say, “From running to get a cap and placing it on my head when I was losing my hair and had a bald patch to proudly introducing me to his friends when I was bald or now with short hair, I feel I am a part of a change. This post is dedicated to women of all shapes and sizes and to all those posts I get when they fret losing their hair during or after chemotherapy. You are beautiful now and always #acceptance #selflove #longhair #baldhead #shorthair #kifarakpaindahai #breastcancerawarenss #changingkarmaintomission” (sic)

Well, sometimes all you need to do in life is to just don’t care because… happiness is paramount. You go, Tahira!