Actor Tanushree Dutta says she’s ‘appalled’ with the development in the sexual harassment case that she filed against actor Nana Patekar. The latter has been given a clean chit by the Mumbai Police in the case citing lack of proof to justify that he indeed harassed Tanushree sexually on the sets of Horn OK Pleasss in 2009. Now, Tanushree opened to Mid-Day on how everyone has let her down and she never expected justice in the case. The actor revealed that she was informed about the decision by her publicist and not by the police. The actor added that there should not have been any hurry to reach out to the media and even give that decision when witnesses in the case were yet to testify. Tanushree said, “We were kept in the dark. The cops were in a hurry to reveal the developments to the media. Why the hurry when the witnesses were yet to testify?”Also Read - Tanushree Dutta Meets With Accident On Her Way to Mahakal Temple: 'My Faith Is Not Blind'

The actor explained that she couldn’t understand what ‘proof’ did the cops require when she had already submitted the video recording of the incident when Nana’s goons allegedly attacked her car on the sets of the film, and also the copy of her complaint letter to CINTAA. She was quoted saying, “I know how these systems work. In the surface, it is one thing, but internally there’s a lot of plotting and manoeuvring.” Also Read - Animal Lover Daisy Shah Uses Social Media To Help The Voiceless

Tanushree had earlier revealed that actor Daisy Shah, who was an assistant on the sets of the film then, witnessed everything. However, she said the Jai Ho star told the police that she couldn’t remember anything from the day of the incident. “I am told (Daisy Shah) does not remember anything. It is convenient amnesia,” said Tanushree. Also Read - Tirthanand Rao, Nana Patekar's Lookalike And Kapil Sharma's Colleague Attempts Suicide: 'Yes, I Consumed Poison'

The report in the daily also quoted Shyni Shetty, who was an assistant director on the sets and extended her support to Tanushree all the time. She said that she gave her statement to the Oshiwara Police and revealed that ‘something happened’ and she ‘saw her (Tanushree) leave the set twice. Shiny was quoted saying, “I recorded my statement as the Oshiwara police station, so this (news is) heartbreaking. I am not sure what proof are the cops are looking for. The police are looking for technicalities. Should there have been a rape for them to act on this? How do they expect sexual misdemeanor to be proven?”

Tanushree talked about the #MeToo movement and said that it’s important for women to understand they will ‘never get justice in court’. Therefore, the movement should be continued and offenders should be shamed publicly. She said, “Women will never get justice in court. Law-enforcers will not hear them. So, they must continue to name and shame their perpetrators on social media. #MeToo is more of a social movement.”