Trusted to speak her witty mind, out raw, Bollywood actor-turned-writer Twinkle Khanna left our funnybones tickling once again as she took a dig at Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s disregard of rising onion prices. Turning the current situation of onion price hike and “daylight robbery” of the same, Twinkle shared a hilarious post that left fans in splits.Also Read - Twinkle Khanna's 'Touchwood Sort of Day' With Karan Kapadia is All Cousins Ever, Childhood Picture Goes Viral

“Comparing onions to avocados on her blog on Tweak India, Twinkle shared, “Last year, this led to a lament around the price of avocados. My workaholic partner (Akshay Kumar) and navel-gazing millennials probably have only one thing in common, a love for this (avocado) peculiar fruit which, to be honest, often tastes like nothing more than mashed soap. I was all right with him eating the occasional avocado toast but when he began asking for chunks of avocado, to be cut and placed in a bowl with every meal, it led to a screaming match.” Irked with her nagging him for the price of avocados, Twinkle revealed how her actor-husband dragged Shah Rukh Khan into their heated conversation. Also Read - Twinkle Khanna Shares Picture of Jugaad Auto, it Has Everything Which You Get in 1 RK

Twinkle quoted him saying, “You are really overdoing this budget nonsense, do you think Shah Rukh’s wife keeps nagging him over the price of tomatoes and potatoes?” Also Read - Twinkle Khanna's 'Reading Fun' With Little Nitara Leaves Bookworms Smitten on Sunday And THIS Video is Proof!

Anxious about the onion price hike, Twinkle came up with a solution, “It was when I saw our finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s statement around the price of onions that I got my eureka idea. Sitharaman, unlike Marie Antoinette, did not tell her countrymen and women, “If there are no onions, have kanda bhajiya instead”, but peculiarly enough, she stated, “I don’t eat much garlic and onions, so don’t worry. I come from a family where onions and garlics are not used that much.” That was the moment, I decided that I would follow our usual menu, but just refrain from using onions in the same dishes. I could have asked my Jain friends for help and saved some money on garlic as well, but since they are all having their last laugh over our onion dilemma, I requested Google bhai saab for some recipes instead.”

Never the one to leave an opportunity to crack a weird joke or state politically incorrect answers, Twinkle is always found on the controversial end of the spectrum with almost every post or statement that she puts out before the media, digital or otherwise. Characterised with satire as her dominating trait, the gorgeous writer sure knows how to get her fans in splits of laughter even if it means aiming the joke at herself. However, this is not the first time that the writer has bowled us with her wit and humour.