Life is all about finding love and living up to it. But when that doesn’t happen, the heart shouldn’t be left whining for the loss. Instead, a new hope has to be reignited, and that’s exactly what Sunaina Rekhi, the famous yoga practitioner is doing after failing to find love in her first marriage. On February 15, her ex-husband, Vaibhav Rekhi tied the knot with Bollywood actor Dia Mirza and her phone started buzzing with various calls and messages from people who wanted to know if she was doing fine.Also Read - Viral Video: Groom Touches Bride's Feet During Wedding, Internet Loves The Beautiful Gesture | Watch

Sunaina, who’s an incredible lifestyle and health expert, answered them all in a social media post. She beautifully explained the importance of having the opportunity of finding love in life again, and how she’s happy that Vaibhav could do that for him. She mentioned that she’s happy for her daughter – Samaira – who was seen walking down the aisle with her father and Dia. Sunaina said that it’s important for kids to see the love in their lives and Vaibhav-Dia’s wedding did that for her. Also Read - Bizarre! Groom Ditches His Friends & Leaves With Baraat Early On Wedding Day, They Sue Him For Rs 50 Lakh!

Opening up a bit more in an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, Sunaina added that when two people don’t find each other compatible, it doesn’t mean that they are not good people in their own right. Referring to her marriage, she said that she wanted to speak about this so that more women are able to garner the courage to say that they have come out of unhappy marriages and there’s no shame in that. Also Read - Viral Video: Bride Left in Tears After Brother Surprises Her With Wax Statue of Late Father on Wedding Day | Watch

“People say, this is a huge display of courage on my part to talk about it and it’s inspired some of the women out there to speak their minds. I’m just so happy to hear this because ultimately human beings need to inspire each other for a better tomorrow. And if a little talk on my part has made a difference to someone’s thinking or being, I think that this exercise has done its job well,” she explained.

Sunaina once again talked about her daughter and called her a fabulous girl who is growing up into a mature woman. “Both mine and Vaibhav’s family feel extremely lucky that Samaira was born to us. She’s a very sorted girl, with a high EQ and IQ. She’s been a good daughter to both of us and she’s handled herself very maturely. I feel truly blessed to have her as my daughter,” she said.

Sunaina, who is regarded as the first woman to have represented India at the United Nations on International Yoga Day, went on to talk about having faith in the institution of marriage. She said that ‘it’s not anyone’s fault’ when two people who once decided to be together can’t be together anymore. Summing up the whole idea beautifully, she mentioned, “They can be the best individuals in their own right and yet not fit with each other. But one should never negate the beauty of marriage because of all this.”

Sunaina is garnering a lot of love for radiating such positive thoughts and also setting a lovely example for women all across the country. We wish her the best!