Actress Vidya Balan says that she is ready to play the character of iconic actress Sridevi on screen if a biopic is ever made on her life. The actress was present on a chat show when she was asked the question. Vidya, who is known as one of the strong on-screen performers in the Hindi film industry, said that she can take up the role as a tribute to Sridevi since she always took inspiration from her. Also Read - Real Life 'Judaai'? MP Woman Lets Cheating Husband Marry Girlfriend in Exchange of Rs 1.5 Crore

Vidya said, “It would require a lot of guts, but as a tribute to Sridevi, I would do it.” Earlier, the actress performed on the remake of the late actress’ popular song ‘Hawa Hawai‘ in Tumhari Sulu. Vidya dedicated the song to Sridevi calling it a tribute. She was quoted saying, “I am an ardent fan of Sridevi, I was nervous (while doing the film). But having said that we are recreating the song Hawa Hawai from Mr India. It is a tribute to her, we are having fun. There is only one Sridevi.” Also Read - Shakeela Trailer: Watch Richa Chadha-Pankaj Tripathi's Powerful Performances; Netizens Say 'Vidya Balan is Irreplaceable'

Vidya also talked about the choices she has made in her film career. She revealed why she chose the character she played in Ishqiya, that released in 2010. Vidya said that her upbringing has a lot to do in how she has chosen her characters over the years. The actress said on the show, “I was brought up with a feeling that I was the most important person in my life, and I think that’s what makes all the difference. When I was offered Ishqiya, I felt that there were very few scripts which had such a juicy role for a woman and when I read it, I absolutely loved it.” Also Read - Arshad Warsi: I am Way More Successful Than Most People With a Fat Bank Balance | Exclusive Interview

The Kahaani star had the company of her sister Priya Balan on the show and when asked how different she is with her sister, Vidya gave an interesting answer. She said one can never make out whether her sister has had a fight with her husband because both of them are very sorted. However, when it comes to her, everything can be assessed from her face. She said, “We don’t ever know if she and her husband have fought or made up, whereas you can see it on my face if I have fought with Siddharth or not.”