Actor Vidya Balan says she has grown up with hormonal problems and always had issues with her body. She explains how he had to deal with her own self first in order to demand acceptance from the world around. Vidya got candid in her latest interview with a magazine and opened about issues surrounding body shaming. She said she feels enraged beyond limit when someone tells her that she should exercise to keep her weight in check. Also Read - Vidya Balan Refuses to Have Dinner With Minister, He Stops Her Film's Shooting And Says 'She Requested me'

Vidya talked to Filmfare and said, “When people tell me why don’t you start exercising, I want to say f**k you! How do you know I haven’t been exercising? Do you know how hard I exercise? Do you know what challenges I’ve been facing? I kept wanting people to stop judging me. But over time, I realized that people judge you/your body only if you do. If you seek validation from others, you’ll always fall short.” Also Read - Vijay Raaz Breaks Silence on Molestation Allegations: Am I Not The Victim Here?

The actor also revealed that the hormonal issues in one’s body become even worse once the person starts stressing over it. Vidya was quoted saying, “I’ve had hormonal problems all my life. It’s probably because of the judgment I’ve carried around my body. So, I’d starve myself, I’d go through crazy exercise regimens and lose weight. Then the hormonal issue would settle for a bit before it reared its head again. I guess it was my body’s way of revolting because in wanting it to be what it was not, I was constantly rejecting it.” Also Read - Vijay Raaz Molestation Case Update: Actor Returns to Mumbai Without Completing Shoot, Makers Set up ICC to Probe

She added, “It’s one’s own rejection of the body that also causes hormonal issues. That’s probably why I keep screaming from the rooftops in every interview, at every opportunity to tell people that please accept yourselves the way you are.”

Vidya is considered one of the most talented actors of our times. She has given some strong performances in films Parineeta (2005), The Dirty Picture (2011), Kahaani (2012), Begum Jaan (2017) and Tumhari Sulu (2017) among others. Vidya is also one of the initial actors who refused to fit into gowns to walk the famous red carpets at events. She always maintained that she will wear what she feels comfortable in and will never let anyone make her style rules. More power to you, Vidya!