Actor Saif Ali Khan remembered choreographer Saroj Khan in his latest interview and mentioned how Master ji would demand perfection and settle for nothing less. While talking to The Indian Express, the actor narrated an incident in which Khan yelled at his co-star for not getting the expression right during a song. Saif did not reveal the name of the female actor or the movie but mentioned that the dance director never shied away from shaming an actor for faltering while dancing.Also Read - May Heavens Dance on Your Tune, Masterji! Priyanka Chopra Shares Heart-warming Note on Saroj Khan's Death

Saif revealed that they were shooting a song late night in Hyderabad and his co-star was not giving the expression Saroj ji wanted. He said that Master ji yelled on a mic in front of all and said: “Sex! It’s sex! Have you never had sex?” Also Read - Saroj Khan's Granddaughter Nabila Khan's Heartbreaking Post For Her 'Home': 'You Were The Roof of The House'

Saif elaborated on the incident: “I was once shooting a lovely romantic song late at night in Hyderabad and the heroine was having a bit of trouble with the expressions. Saro ji yelled on the mic, saying ‘sex! It’s sex! Have you never had sex?’ She could shame us into performing. A song with her often became real art, with every beat and step requiring an emotion and expression. Like she told Kareena once, ‘if you can’t move your feet, move your face at least.” Also Read - In Saroj Khan's Last Instagram Post, She Mourned Sushant Singh Rajput's Demise And Said 'You Could Have Spoken to an Elder'

The actor went on to talk about how hardwork was the only thing Master ji ever believed in and she taught the same to those who learned dancing from her. He talked about another incident in which he had injured his knees while dancing and blood started coming out but Saroj Khan told him to not worry about blood and “see where this blood takes you in life”. Saif added that if she was choreographing a song and someone was not getting the step right, changing it to make it easier or more convenient for the actor was never an option. The actor said that they used to dance all day and night to get both the expression and the step right only to realise that they were just warming up and the actual steps will be coming later.

Saroj Khan died on July 3 after suffering a cardiac arrest. She passed away at around 2:30 am at Guru Nanak hospital in Mumbai.