UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath‘s meeting with the Bollywood bigwigs on Wednesday has created a stir in both the political and the entertainment world. In his interview with news channel NDTV, Shiv Sena leader G Radhakrishnan accused Yogi and the BJP of ‘hijacking Bollywood’ and said that the UP CM has come to Mumbai to take this film industry to his state. While speaking in a debate session against BJP spokesperson Mahesh Verma, Radhakrishnan said that Yogi has come here in a ‘big chartered flight’ to take the film city away from its original place. Reacting to the same, Verma said that Yogi’s visit is just to explore new job opportunities and offer better facilities to the film people in his state also. He said that the CM doesn’t want to ‘hijack’ any business from Mumbai but wants to present a world-class film city in India. Also Read - Yogi Adityanath to Meet Bollywood Filmmakers Today After Meeting Akshay Kumar to Discuss The New Film City in UP

Earlier, Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray commented on Yogi’s visit to Mumbai and said that he’s not going to let anyone take away business from the city. While speaking at a media interaction, Thackeray was quoted as saying, “We have the magnetic strength. They don’t know about it. No one from Mumbai is going to go there. Maharashtra is just not a state, it’s a culture and we don’t have any qualms with anyone who wants to grow. We are not jealous of someone’s progress. We would appreciate healthy competition. Let’s progress towards the development together. I won’t let anyone take anything forcefully.” Also Read - Akshay Kumar Meets Yogi Adityanath, Discusses Possibilities For Film Shooting in Uttar Pradesh

Yogi, while addressing a press conference in Mumbai, responded to Thackeray’s statement and mocked it by saying ‘the industry is not a purse that one can steal it and run away’. He said that all he wants to do is to create a ‘world-class film city’ that can provide a better working environment for the people who are willing to shoot in UP. Also Read - Yogi Adityanath to Meet Bollywood Producers to Discuss The Biggest Film City of Country

Yogi Adityanath was quoted as saying, “We Want to create a protective environment where people can work together and there’s no discrimination of any kind. This is to establish our faith in the idea of ‘one India’. Mumbai’s film city will remain in Mumbai. We want the biggies from this film city to help us with their experience so that we can use their suggestions to prepare a model of a world-class film city. I have talked to the people in the industry. We are not stopping any growth or development in Mumbai. We just want our economy to emerge as the biggest economy of the world.”

On Tuesday evening, the UP CM also met Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar to take the same discussion forward. Many reports also suggested that the two discussed the actor’s upcoming film titled Ram Setu that is likely to be shot in Ayodhya.