Actor Zaira Wasim once again took to social media to ask people to mend their behaviour and relationship with people. The actor has been using her social media accounts to propagate kindness and humanity. In her latest post on Instagram, she wrote about the need to culture empathy in our personalities and to think of all as equals. Zaira took a moment to tell all that one should pause and think before speaking out, especially in front of those who are not efficient enough in separating negativity from positivity in one’s language. The actor went on to talk about being compassionate towards those who get disappointed easily and start doubting themselves just because of people’s words and thoughts that may look funnier on the surface but hurt someone very deeply. Also Read - Zaira Wasim Asks People Not to Praise Her, Writes 'Am Not Righteous; It's Dangerous For my Imaan'

A part of Zaira’s long post on Instagram read, “Some are more vulnerable than others and become easily overwhelmed and disappointed in themselves, your words could be a reason for someone’s heart to shatter, for someone to cry all night long. It can damage & traumatise someone beyond where language can reach & could scar someone for the rest of their lives.” (sic) Also Read - 'Kashmir Continues to Suffer'! Zaira Wasim Writes About 'Crisis' in Valley After Abrogation of Article 370

The actor, who announced her disassociation with the world of cinema citing that it was coming in between her relationship with her God and her faith, added that it’s our individual responsibility to ensure that we are not mocking someone intentionally or unintentionally. Zaira said, “We’re all trying to figure out life, but instead of pouncing on someone’s flawed understanding for a mere giggle, try to make them aware about their flawed understanding not by mocking them but with empathy, favour privacy and advise them, a little introspection into someone’s behaviour can reveal how they’re just staggering along to decide thing on a basis of knowledge.” (sic)

Earlier, she made another post talking about how she doesn’t want to be praised by anyone. She wrote a note saying the amount of love and blessings that come her way is gratifying but it is ‘dangerous for her imaan‘ She said she is not as righteous as she might lead people to believe.