Despite the advisory issued by the government about not making any April Fools’ Day joke on the current health crisis due to the coronavirus in India, many people went on to make pranks and landed up having police complaints in their name. Director Ram Gopal Varma, who’s infamous for his outrageous tweets and insensitive statements in the media, declared that he was tested positive for the coronavirus. As the news spread across the social media platforms, he then made another tweet revealing it was just an April Fools’ Day joke. Two days after he made the ‘joke’, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has asked the Mumbai Police to check the director’s Twitter account and lodge a complaint against him. However, RGV seems unfazed.Also Read - Ram Gopal Varma's Insensitive Tweet About Testing Positive For Coronavirus is NOT Funny Even as April's Fool Day Prank

In his latest interaction with Mid-Day, the popular filmmaker said he just wanted to lighten up the mood. RGV told the daily that he was ‘getting bored’ and therefore, decided to make the coronavirus joke and knew that this would hurt some and complaints will be made. The director was quoted saying, “The only way to remain sane in such a (grim) situation is to joke about it, else we will get into depression. I knew I would get trolled for it. I believe a complaint has been filed against me for spreading false information. But it was meant as an April Fool joke, nothing else.” He added, “I (put out the tweet) because I was getting bored.” Also Read - Ram Gopal Varma Makes a Cringe-Worthy Women's Day Wish, Says Sorry Alexa

BJP Secretary Vivekanand Gupta mentioned that the Mumbai police have already been asked not to spare RGV for making a stupid joke in the times when the entire country is staying united under lockdown to fight the coronavirus. He said the police have already taken action against other common people who were found guilty of making April Fools’ Day jokes about COVID-19 and even Ram Gopal Varma should not be spared. “If the message is a prank, then the police should book the director for creating panic. Everyone is equal before the law. If a common man is booked, the police should register an offence against Varma too,” he said. Also Read - Teachers' Day 2019: Ram Gopal Verma Slams His Teachers For Not Making Him a 'Good Human Being' - Read Tweets

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