In 14 January 2017 episode of Brahmarakhsas (Jaag Utha Shaitan), Jassi Daadi (Apara Mehta) will disclose to everyone that Sudha is Rishabh’s (Aham Sharma) mother. In the last episode, we saw that because of Raina (Krystle D’souza), Mohini (Rakshanda Khan) had to get Sudha with her. Raina fought the Brahmarakshas in the cave and saved Mohini as well as Sudha. Mohini had taken Sudha so that Brahmarakshas kills her but she forgot the locket with which she controls the Brahmarakshas, so he attacked her as well. Raina just came in the nick of time and saved both of them.Also Read - Rhea Chakraborty Attends Rumi Jaffery’s Daughter’s Mehendi Ceremony With Krystle D’Souza, Fans Say 'Happy to See Rhea'

As soon as Mohini and Raina enter the house with Sudha, Jassi Daadi gets shocked. Raina calls Nalin to take her in,he also gets stunned to see Sudha alive. All this long, they were thinking that Sudha is dead. Tonight, Raina will ask Jassi who is Sudha , and why is she so baffled to see her. Jassi will tell her that Sudha is Rishabh’s mother, his real mother. Rishabh who hears the commotion, is coming downstairs and he overhears Jassi. He, too, is stunned and could not believe his ears. From childhood, Mohini has been taking care of him and he has been calling her his mother, he is unable to grasp the reality of the situation. He tells Jassi that Mohini is his mother, how can Sudha be. Jassi will probably narrate him the whole incident and how it happened that his parents met with an accident and their bodies were charred beyond recognition. May be Sudha escaped the accident as now she is in front of all of them. We will see how Mohini’s plans have been completely demolished after the return of Sudha, the only relief that Sudha cannot speak and tell everyone the truth about Mohini’s conspiracy. (ALSO READ : Brahmarakshas : Raina hits Brahmarakshas and saves Mohini, gets Sudha home!) Also Read - Krystle Dsouza Wants to Replace Shahid Kapoor in Kaminey With Sidharth Malhotra, Here's Why!

Meanwhile, Naina is also been held as captive by Kammo. She knows Mohini and Yug’s real face but Kammo has messaged Yug to give her money and take Naina back. So, that way even she won’t be able to tell anyone anything and even if she tries to say anything against Mohini right now, no one would listen to her as everyone misunderstands her as the one controlling Brahmarakshas. Also Read - Krystle D’Souza Reveals She Was Axed From Film Due To Her TV Background, Says 'I Broke Down'

We will also see that Rishabh will become an incarnation of Narsimha in order to destroy the evil Brahmarakshas. But Mohini still has some plans. Will Rishabh be able to kill the Brahmarakshas finally? Will Mohini’s plan be successful or her truth will be out?