In Brahmarakshas 15 January episode, Mohini (Rakshanda Khan) reaches the Narsimha temple, as Raina (Krystle D’souza) and Rishabh  (Aham Sharma) follow her. Raina senses something evil is about to happen. Suddenly, Mohini disappears. As Raina and Rishabh are looking for her, she comes from behind and makes them both unconscious. There, Sudha is trying to say something to Jassi, Jassi gets scared and asks Nalin to call the doctor. Mohini performs some rituals in the Narsimha temple to awaken Narsimha. She is sacrificing Raina’s life to awaken the spirit of Narsimha, as she is asking him to make her the most powerful. Rishabh gains consciousness and gets shocked to see this face of Mohini. While Mohini is talking to herself, Rishabh gets to know that it is Mohini who is controlling the Brahmarakshas. He questions Mohini. Mohini threatens Rishabh that if he does anything, she would kill Raina. Doctor comes and sees Sudha and tells Nalin and Jassi that due to years of torture she is scared, and because she cannot speak and share her sorrows, she is panicking. Doctor leaves. Nalin asks Jassi where are Mohini and Rishabh. Jassi tells him that she has sent to look for them.Also Read - Rhea Chakraborty Attends Rumi Jaffery’s Daughter’s Mehendi Ceremony With Krystle D’Souza, Fans Say 'Happy to See Rhea'

There, Mohini drags Raina out of the cave and is taking her inside the forest , when Yug and Kammo spot her. Yug asks Kammo to keep an eye on Mohini and he enters the cave and saves Rishabh. Rishabh accuses Yug that he is also with Mohini. Yug clarifies that Mohini has fooled him as well. Yug and Rishabh go out to find Raina and Mohini. Mohini sees Kammo following her, she hits Kammo with a brick and Kammo faints, meanwhile Raina is conscious again. Raina asks Mohini as to about Rishabh’s whereabouts. Mohini cooks up a story and tells Raina that Rishabh did not listen to her and went to kill the Brahmarakshas. Raina tells Mohini that they both should go and find Rishabh. Phooli is leaving sarpanch’s house, and reminds everyone about the significance of the full moon night when Brahmarakshas becomes the most powerful at midnight. There, Mohini calls Brahmarakshas and he comes out from the forest and destroys the village and kills several villagers. Raina is looking for Rishabh. After a while, she returns to Mohini only to find Mohini talking to the Brahmarakshas. Mohini reveals her reality to Raina as well who is shocked. Mohini orders Brahmarakshas to kill Raina and drink her blood, after which he will become powerful again. Also Read - Krystle Dsouza Wants to Replace Shahid Kapoor in Kaminey With Sidharth Malhotra, Here's Why!

Rishabh and Yug find Kammo who tells them that Mohini has taken Raina to the Asur Sthal, Brahmarakshas is following Raina, Rishabh finds Mohini and asks her what has she done to Raina, she tells him that Raina is gone. After much running around in the forest, Rishabh finds Raina and takes her away from the Brahmarakshas. Raina is extremely scared. Brahmarakshas finds them and as he is about to attack Raina, the precious stone shones and makes him powerless. Next morning Raina tries to find Rishabh in the forest but Rishabh is somehow captured in that precious stone –the stone that Mohini had got from the Narsimha mountain but mistakenly dropped in the forest. Raina could not see him and thinks that Brahmarakshas has killed him. Also Read - Krystle D’Souza Reveals She Was Axed From Film Due To Her TV Background, Says 'I Broke Down'

Yug and Kammo take Mohini to the secret room where she had tied Naina and Sudha once. Even as Mohini tries to explain Yug that she had done everything for him, Yug doesn’t believe her and ties her up. Raina reaches home and tells everyone that may be the Brahmarakshas killed Rishabh.