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The latest commercial of British Airways aimed at the India market is a well thought out short film. Titled British Airways: Fuelled by Love, the short film is directed by acclaimed director Neeraj Ghaywan of Masaan fame. The ad is based on the real story of Anandi and Helena. Anandi is an elderly south Indian passenger travelling back to her home in Hyderabad. On the flight, she is comforted and helped by flight attendant Helena, who helps her wear her socks, feeds her and makes sure she is happy. Anandi invites Helena home, and having a two-day off, the air hostess visits her. The film shows how Helena gets a warm welcome with the Indian food and charm, and is in tears in the end with Anandi’s gift. Also Read - Sonam Kapoor On Sexism In Bollywood, 'Each One Of Us Needs To Make Better Choices, Or We Will Be Subjected To A Witch-Hunt'

In the short film, Neeraj smoothly manages to show the airline’s destination and also the perks and comfort it provides. He does this without it seeming like an ad, and that’s what makes it special. The filmmaker tweeted about the film, saying, “My first commercial. A short film that I directed for @British_Airways: #FuelledByLove. Anandi & Helena’s story.” Also Read - Sonam Kapoor Steps into the Shoes of ‘Marilyn Monroe’ and Looks Oh-So-Pretty, See PICS

British Airways said in statement, “The real-life experiences of British Airways’ cabin crew reveal that whilst service is driven by purpose and efficiency, true care is ‘fuelled by love’.” Moran Birger, British Airways’ regional commercial manager, South Asia, said about the commercial, “India is British Airways’ second largest market outside the UK and after the US. We are proud of our rich heritage of over 90 years in India and deep understanding of this wonderful country. Through this film and the brand campaign, we want to show the actual experiences of our cabin crew members serving customers on our India routes. Many of them have shared stories of how care and thought that goes into every part of their journey have helped them connect with our customers and provide a more personal service.”

Since Sonam Kapoor’s movie Neerja, based on the story of late flight attendant Neerja Bhanot’s bravery is about to release on February 19, there is new found interest in the airline industry. The British Airways commercial is in time, we say. Watch the touching British Airways short film by Neeraj Ghaywan here!