South Korea: All Korean men between the age of 18 and 28 are required to serve in the country’s military for about 20 months, BTS members are no different.Also Read - Korean Air To Restore Flights To 50 Percent Of Pre-Covid Levels

The Korean Government has now revealed that BTS boys have not so far applied for the postponement of their military services and that if they do, the government will surely consider it. South Korea’s Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Hwang Hee talked about the same and said, “BTS hasn’t submitted an application for military service yet. But if they do, the government will naturally push for their military enlistment postponement.” Also Read - BTS’ V Returns From Paris in Sexy Orange Shorts, ARMY Goes Crazy With His Airport Look - Watch

This comes as BTS member Jin will turn 30 next year. In December 2020, that South Korea’s parliament passed a bill allowing the biggest K-pop stars including BTS to delay their compulsory military service until the age of 30. Back then, the country’s parliament mentioned that “a pop culture artist who was recommended by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism to have greatly enhanced the image of Korea both within the nation and throughout the world” is allowed to postpone the military service until the age of 30. However, since Jin will be turning 30 next year, boys will now have to apply for the postponement, or else they might have to join military services. Also Read - BTS' Jin Drops Shirtless Picture, ARMY Trends 'Thank You Jin': 'Are You Kidding me...'

However, the BTS boys have so far not applied for the postponement which is necessary for the Korean government to delay their military enlistment.

Apart from Jin, BTS member Suga is also 28 years old, while J-Hope is 27. RM is 26 years old whereas V and Jimin are 25 years old. Jungkook is the youngest in the band at 23 years old.

BTS has become everyone’s favourite in the world in a short span of time. Their recent single Butter is already setting records and breaking trends. BTS members enjoy a huge fan following around the world and their fans are called its ARMY.