South Korea: Apart from being world-famous singers, BTS boys also share a special bond. ARMY members from across the world are already aware of their friendship. However, it’s common to have arguments among friends and BTS boys are no different. A major argument took place between BTS member V and Jin during the Wings Tour in 2017. This happened while they were discussing a flaw in timing. While RM had pointed out that there was an issue of spacing between members, V suggested that Jin should be a little faster. Following this, Jin explained that he was trying his best but the discussion soon turned into a major argument.Also Read - BTS ARMY Goes Emotional as Jimin And V's Song 'Friends' Gets Picked For Marvel's Eternals - Check Celebratory Tweets

During the argument, V had also alleged that he was feeling discouraged. Eventually, Jin apologised and ended the argument. However, V felt bad and later broke down just moments before the concert. It was RM who handled the situation and gave V a hug. Following the concert, the group sat down and sorted the situation. Jimin mentioned that despite the fight, V shouldn’t forget that Jin is older than him. V also apologised to Jin and said, “You’re right. I apologise for that. I acted selfishly. I talked to you with an attitude.” Also Read - BTS Permission To Dance On Stage Teaser: Jungbook, V, J-Hope And Others Leave Army Curious | Watch

Later, V also talked about the incident during an interview and said, “Why did we even fight when it wasn’t even a big deal? It wasn’t a big deal. Why did I get mad?” Also Read - BTS V Expresses Anger On His Dating Rumours, Calls Them 'Pathetic'

Meanwhile, on the work front, BTS boys are all set for their upcoming in-person concert in Los Angeles. The concert is titled Permission To Dance On Stage and will be held at California’s SoFi Stadium on November 27, 28 and December 1, 2.