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Director:Anthony Russo and Joe Russo Also Read - 'I am Gonna Track Down Your Address': Captain America AKA Chris Evans' Message to 6-Year-Old Hero Who Braved Dog Attack to Save Sister | WATCH

Genre:Action, Adventure Also Read - International Yoga Day: From Jennifer Aniston to Robert Downey Jr, HERE Are 10 Hollywood Celebrities Who Practice Yoga

Cast:Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Rudd

It is barely been a month since the visual overload that Batman Vs Superman (is) has hit the screens, we get yet another optical overburden in the form of Captain America: Civil War! But unlike the former production, this one has powerful doses of relentless fun that have been injected to make the endevour look crisper and far more entertaining. Yes, you get mighty characters that donate the screens; and soon they get down to business of bludgeoning and battling with unmatched force. You get high-on-drama and adrenaline pumping sequences but the strength of Captain America: Civil War lies in how quickly the intelligence behind on these characters come into (power) play. Seemingly mindless bludgeoning acquires mindfulness, and for that reason alone Anthony Russo, Joe Russo deserve special mentions. ALSO READ: Friday movie releases: 24, Captain America Civil War, 1920 London, One Night Stand, Traffic, Zorawar – what will you watch?

So how excatly does the story unfold? Well crafted for an out and out Avengers fans–and not to miss the Iron Man fans–this one takes a step beyond just Marvel-esque masquerading. Civil War tells the tale of Captain America (played deliciously superbly by Chris Evans) takes pride in his indefatigable conviction that superheroes should be handed out free licence to protect humanity from the evil forces without the interference of government and its (bull-fu**** crap) agencies. Troubles start brewing when the mighty Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr, folks—every frame he featured in demanded whistles) puts his foot down and begs to differ. The collision that follows creates a drama and tension like no other. Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) have to take sides and unleash their ultra-power streak (fury) with caution and creativity. ALSO READ: Robert Downey Jr wants Gwyneth Paltrow back in ‘Iron Man’ universe

If you are a big fan of the previous endevour Captain America: The Winter Soldier majorly because of the exceptional directorial skills put on display only to mount this big gem of a film on celluloid on an unbelievable scale, you can’t help but appreciate the duo for crafting the mew endevour with even more finesse and fun. Be it the clutter-breaking fight sequences to bringing in the emotional depth to every character the duo excel in extracting nothing but the best out of the superheroes.

From the word go Civil War promises to be bigger and better. The opening sequence set in Nigeria gives a hint on how explosive the things are going to be. The high octane drama then slowly (and skilfully done) snowballs into zappy car chases (and crashes), full blown civil wars, gunfires that will make you go boom! and tremendously projected acrobatic antics–you get it all.  The razor sharp editing and fragmented (intentionally done) screenplay only spices up the drama to give you a visual experience that only this series can promises to dish out!

Rating: 3 stars