Kangana Ranaut may have had an uncensored session at Aap Ki Adalat, but for her upcoming film Simran, CBFC’s not having any of it. Hansal Mehta has accepted a total of 10 cuts from the CBFC for Simran, after having fought hard to avoid one cut in his previous Aligarh (2015). Among the cuts the that the CBFC “recommended” were words like b*tch and b**tard in over six places. The CBFC stood firm on these cuts since they disallow scenes where women are being disrespected with any word or gesture in the film, and reportedly told the filmmakers to either take the cuts or lose precious time going to the Tribunal Also Read - Kangana Ranaut Takes Dig at Taapsee Pannu's 'Not So Sasti' Tweet Over Tax Invasion Case, Calls Her 'Rapists Ka Feminist'

A source close to the developments tells DNA, “Derogating women by gesture or language will never be permissible under any guideline, be it Pahlaj or Prasoon.” Also, out is the word bast**d. A casual reference to the Muslim community has also been censored. However, the biggest issue was not the words but some of the sounds that the film had which were deemed too provocative, which was asked to be toned down. “The sound effect made the sex scene look far more provocative than it actually was. So, it was asked to be toned down,” says a source. ALSO READ: Kangana DEMANDS To Be Asked About Hrithik Roshan? Also Read - Kangana Ranaut Trolled For Sharing 'Plagiarised' Picture of 'Spring Acai Bowl', She Replies Back

Even some of the scenes with violence left the censor board unimpressed. The sound in a violent scene showing a stinging slap has also been asked to be toned down. Dashing out the total of these 10 alterations in Simran, the makers will then be able to collect their U/A certificate for the film. Also Read - Scam 1992 Season 2 Announced, Hansal Mehta to Direct Scam 2003: The Curious Case of Abdul Karim Telgi