Chennai: Tamil actor Raiza Wilson took to Instagram a few days back to share how she was allegedly forced to undergo an unnecessary dermatological procedure that resulted in swelling under her eye. Now, the doctor whom she had accused has responded to the allegations. Bhairavi Senthil denied the allegations and said that she would seek a legal course of action and also claimed that Raiza had opted for the procedure before as well.Also Read - PCOS And Acne: Here Are Expert-Approved Skincare Tips

The long wrote reads, “The said Ms Ryza Wilson who had undergone such clinical procedure several times earlier and had no complaints but after the treatment in the last occasion on 16/4/2021 had developed bruises as minor side effects, which shall appear in selective or rare cases, if the precautions and medical advice is not strictly followed. The statement made by Ms Ryza Wilson is derogatory and had grossly affected the name, reputation of mine and my clinic. Therefore, I am constrained to initiate legal proceeding against Ryza Wilson and shall claim apology and suitable compensation for the said defamation, loss and mental agony suffered by me for which Ms Ryza Wilson alone shall be liable.” Also Read - Tamil Actor Nitish Veera Dies of Covid-19 At 45, Celebs Pay Their Condolences

“The said clinical procedure is more a cosmetic application of skin treatment. The said clinical procedure involves administration of substance in the facial skin to enhance and rejuvenate the skin cells. The said procedure is done only with due written consent of the person, who shall sign the necessary forms and declarations”, she added. Also Read - Tamil Actor Joker Thulasi Dies Due To Covid-19 in Chennai

Raiza had shared a picture of her face after the treatment and wrote, “Visited @drbhairavisenthil yesterday for a simple facial treatment, she forced me to do a procedure which I did not need, and this is the result. She refused to meet me or talk to me today. Staff said she’s out of town.”