Actor Hrithik Roshan continues to extend a helping hand to the needy as India goes under lockdown to curb the growing spread of COVID-19. The actor is making continuous efforts to do the best he can to help people who are stuck during the crisis. The latest update on the same states that the Super 30 actor has now donated a sum of Rs 25 lakhs to the Cine and TV Artistes’ Association (CINTAA) which will provide help to as many as 4,000 daily-wage artists who come under its purview. Also Read - 'Global Pandemic Made us Realise Importance of Technology, Teamwork': PM Modi at Grand Challenges Meet

The senior joint secretary and chairperson of the CINTAA committee, Amit Behl told Mid-Day in an interview, “A few days ago, KWAN, the talent management company that handles Hrithik, asked for our account details and promptly transferred Rs 25 lakh to our sister concern, Cine Artiste Welfare Trust [CAWT]. We will start distributing the money among the daily wagers, with those living hand-to-mouth being our top priority.” Also Read - Marijuana Ingredient, CBD Helps Reduce Lung Damage From COVID-19, Here's How

Not only this, Hrithik Roshan has even pledged Rs. 20 Lakh for municipal workers and care-takers to ensure they have all safety aids in place for themselves. A source has been quoted in the report as saying, “Hrithik has extended his support to the Government of Maharashtra in their endeavor to curb the spread of the pandemic. He had been looking for ways to help the street-level bureaucrats like the BMC workers and other caretakers who are out there and contributed a total amount of Rs 20 lakh to the cause.” Also Read - Hrithik Roshan Wants to Learn Assam Doctor's Steps Who Danced to Ghungroo in Front of COVID-19 Patients

The actor made headlines recently after he posted how co-parenting needs during pandemic has made Sussane move in with him. Hrithik said, “It is unimaginable for me, as a parent, to think of having to be separated from my children at a time when the country is practicing lockdowns. It is heartwarming to see the world come together as one in this time of deep uncertainty and possibility of months of social distancing and potential lockdowns for several weeks perhaps. While the world talks about humanity coming together, I think it represents more than just an idea especially for parents sharing custody of their kids. How to keep their kids close to them without infringing on the right of the other who also has an equal right to be with his/her children.”