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*SPOILER ALERT* Well, we really don’t want to reveal the end of Aamir Khan’s film Dhoom 3: Back In Action. But we do think that it could’ve ended in a better way. While not telling you about the climax, we talk about five alternative conclusions to Dhoom 3. Take a look. Also Read - Faisal Khan On Aamir Khan: How Does Faisal Khan Ever Break Out of Aamir Khan’s Shadow?

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Sahir Khan almost surrenders himself and we think he should’ve gone the whole hog and spent a few years in jail for all those bank robberies. That would’ve been true repentance.

Aamir Khan shares the booty with Abhishek Bachchan

Like Anil Kapoor gets lucky in Race and Race 2, maybe Abhishek Bachchan’s Jai Dixit could’ve been shown some mercy. Aamir’s character Sahir doesn’t really take the bank loot home, but instead of throwing the money away randomly, he could’ve shared some with apna bhookela desi bachchas Jai and Ali (Uday Chopra).

Dhoom 3- Aamir - Abhishek

Katrina Kaif follows Aamir Khan *SPOILER ALERT*

Katrina Kaif really loves Samar Khan and she could’ve followed him to wherever he is going in the end, instead of siding with the cops and staying put. How boring.

Katrina Kaif is pregnant *SPOILER ALERT*

Well, they just had a kiss and it does not make anyone pregnant. But like so many things not shown in Dhoom 3, we could have  either of the brothers getting carried away and ending up on a palang (bed) after the Malang song, and things happening real fast after that. This will ensure the franchise is alive and kicking and Uday Chopra still has a job. The question is, will Aamir be interested in being part of this after all the flak, as the son of Katrina?


Aamir Khan runs away

That way, he could’ve come back in Dhoom:4, Yash Raj Films’ next film in the series. Again, Aamir and YRF both have to be interested in each other still.

Those of you who have watched Dhoom 3, can you suggest some more climax scenes for the film that could’ve made it better?