There are indeed plenty of fish in the sea. And Diljit Dosanjh is a firm believer of that. After failing on his pursuit of wooing foreign internet sensation Kylie Jenner through commenting on her Instagram posts, the El Sueno singer is one to start anew. The actor-singer had earlier confessed his love for Jenner, though after the news of pregnancy, he could only let out a sigh saying, ‘Main theek aan (I am alright)’ with Kylie’s ex, American rapper Tyga only deserving of a “Fittey Muh,” from Dosanjh. But now he has his eyes set on a new girl, who is nothing short of a Wonder Woman. Also Read - Shehnaaz Gill Joins Hands With Diljit Dosanjh, Sonam Bajwa For Punjabi Romantic-Comedy 'Honsla Rakh'

Diljit was recently seen commenting on Gal Gadot’s Instagram post, keeping his flirting true blue Punjabi: “Kudi Punjaban lagdi ah..,” lighting up Gadot’s new year post. Your move, Gadot. Before moving on to his new crush, Diljit would be much infatuated with Kylie Jenner, and stuck to his commenting tradition on her posts – though had to settle without a response. Speaking about his love for Jenner, the Punjabi singer had earlier told a news agency, “I love her very much. Now, more than loving her, what makes me happy is how much people are interested in my comments. I never leave any chance to comment. But she hasn’t replied yet, may be soon. Also, I comment in Punjabi, so that she doesn’t reply. My people should have fun that’s it. Also Read - Hansal Mehta, Richa Chadha Take a Dig at Kangana Ranaut After Her Self-Praise Tweets

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However, those aware of his comments on Instagram reminded him of his previous love. While some commented, “Kylie nu bhul gae lgda paaji,” others took to Instagram to say, “sahi bole paaji… pakka Hindustani lag rahi hai.” One comment even upped Diljit’s. It said, “Diljit Dosanjh, Veereey bhabhi hai Bhabhi.”