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The Rathi family enjoys a lot of happy days despite the bad days that they have day recently. The reason for all the happiness is the news that Sandhya has conceived twins and they will have two tabars instead of the one that everybody expected. There are two footprint painted on two pieces of paper which Bhabho places on the door of their house for good luck. Also Read - Deepika Singh's Mother Admitted to Hospital For COVID-19 Treatment, Actor Thanks Delhi Government

Sandhya‘s craving have kept the family on the edge of their seat be it the lasan chutney or the sleep walking disease that she seems to be suffering from. Sooraj seems to be enjoying his time as he expects to handle two children. He practices handling to kids in both hands as he tries to handle to small teddy bear dolls. Also Read - Deepika Singh's Mother Tests Positive For COVID-19, Diya Aur Baati Hum Actor Seeks CM Arvind Kejriwal's Help

Earlier, Sandhya can’t seem to get the craving out of her mind about the lasan chutney that she had after there was a tiffin mix up with a local hawker. Bhabho had  yelled at the shop owner pretty loudly and made a scene by insulting him in the market. When they reach his house to take the tiffin back they have to swallow their pride and ask for the chutney that Sandya is craving for. The man gives them the ingredients and taunts them that the real flavour of the food comes from the person making the food rather than what status they have in the society.

When the local hawker’s wife goes to the market, she complains that the tap is jammed and that the plumber has to be called to get it fixed which Sooraj hears. Will he use that information to get into their house along with Babasa and Bhabho to retireve the lasan chutney and what if they get caught?