New Delhi, June 10:  She adopted two girls as a single mother when she was 21 and gave shelter to 30 girls when they were asked to vacate an orphanage overnight. Now, Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon wants to fulfil her dream of opening a school for children to enable them with vocational skills. (Read: Raveena Tandon not taking sides in Hrithik Roshan-Kangana Ranaut spat) Also Read - Coronavirus Lockdown: Schools in These States Won’t Open Till Year-end | Complete List Here

While actors and filmmakers have opened acting schools off and on, Raveena has no such plans. Also Read - Amid Rising Coronavirus Cases, Schools in Haryana to Remain Closed Till Nov 30

“I don’t think I will open an acting school, but it’s my dream to build my own school in (a) village to give basic education to children and give them skills. It can be anything — whether tailoring or beauty therapy. Also Read - Schools, Colleges in Gujarat Won’t Reopen From Nov 23 | Here’s why

“The idea is to give these children skills, thereby helping them with a job,” Raveena told IANS during her recent visit here for a P&G Shiksha event.

Now in its 12th year, P&G Shiksha launched ‘Shiksha Superheroes’, a campaign to acknowledge consumers, the real-life superheroes who make a simple brand choice of buying P&G products and contribute to the cause impacting the lives of thousands of underprivileged children.

Raveena, who urged people to educate girls when she spoke during the second anniversary celebrations of the Narendra Modi government, says the main problem with today’s society is the lack of education. This, she said, needs to be cured.

“The crux of all the problems like unemployment or no education is population and poverty. There is no need to have 10 to 12 kids. Have one or two kids and give them the right upbringing. Give them the best food and facilities,” said the mother of two adopted daughters, one biological daughter and a biological son.

“A small family is the sign of progressive family,” she stressed.

Raveena also feels various Chief Ministers can involve multinational companies in a quest to contribute to the education sector.

“The Chief Ministers in our country should ask companies that plan to set up a factory that they should provide a few basic things to people of that area… Like jobs and schools. I think it will be a great initiative.”