Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan actor Parth Samthaan has definitely not had a good start this New Year 2016. The young actor was has been involved in a string of controversies starting from a scandalous WhatsApp controversy to a molestation case.The actor had accused his friend and producer of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan of molesting him in December 2013. But why did the actor reveal about the molestation after two years! Well, a new angle to he story has been revealed by none other than Ekta Kapoor. It seems that Parth and producer and programming head of a Hindi entertainment channel Vikas Gupta were in a relationship, and post the breakup Parth is now trying to play dirty by accusing his lover of molesting him after he got involved in a string of controversies.Also Read - Devoleena Bhattacharjee Reveals a Tuition Teacher 'Misbehaved' With Her But Family Refused to File Police Complaint

Ekta Kapoor has revealed that Parth is indeed lying about the molestation, since Ekta saw the both Parth and Vikas spending some quality time in Bangkok after some days of the molestation complaint. Both Parth and Vikas are romantically involved with each other and Ekta Kapoor has confirmed not only seeing them together but also seeing some of Parth’s video confessing love for his boyfriend Vikas.(ALSO READ: Parth Samthaan molestation: Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan actor accuses producer Vikas Gupta of touching him) Also Read - Indore Bangle Seller, Arrested a Day After Being Booked for ‘Harassment’ Under POCSO Act

It all started Parth was involved in a controversy when screenshots of a WhatsApp Group named Whores and Whoremones by him surfaced online. The group also involved other two actors from the show, who confirmed that Parth created the group. There were also few audio tapes that surfaces, in which Parth was heard abusing his co-star. Then the young television actor went on to accuse the producer and programming head of a Hindi entertainment channel Vikas Gupta of molesting him in the year December 2013. It is quite shocking that the popular actor is now conveniently accusing his partner of three years who helped him in his career.(ALSO READ: Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan actor Parth Samthaan WhatsApp controversy: Niti Taylor makes indirect Twitter statement towards her co-actor?) Also Read - Bigg Boss OTT: Divya Agarwal On Marriages Plans With Varun Sood and Why Vikas Gupta Is Not a 'Mastermind' | Exclusive