Actor Emraan Hashmi took to Twitter to express disappointment over the coronavirus outbreak in India and how the entire world is suffering due to a virus that reportedly originated from Wuhan in China. The virus has caused over 21,000 deaths worldwide with more than 4 lakh confirmed cases. In India, more than 600 people are infected with the virus with 13 deaths reported so far. The number is reportedly expected to rise in the coming days despite the nationwide lockdown that the country is currently experiencing. Also Read - Indian Adult Content App Launches New Plans, Minimise Subscription Rates as India Watches More Explicit Shows Amid Lockdown

Emraan expressed concern and commented on the same situation. He said the world is trying to deal with this deadly virus because someone somewhere decided to eat a bat. The Wuhan market in China is famous for selling exotic meat that includes animals that are not considered edible in most parts of the world. Emraan’s tweet read, “And all this because some person thousands of miles away wanted to have a freakish culinary experience like eating a BAT …Face with rolling eyesFace with medical maskWoozy face” (sic) Also Read - Delhi Air Quality Improves Amid Coronavirus Lockdown, Netizens Say 'Some Silver Lining'

It is believed that the transmission of coronavirus from animals to humans is rare because most animals that are the carriers of this virus are not eaten by people. Coronavirus is common in animals such as cattle and camels. Various reports suggested that the new strain likely came from bats and spread due to the seafood and animal market in Wuhan. However, there’s no evidence supporting these theories so far.

Coronavirus has been declared a Pandemic by WHO. The organisation is strategising measures and taking the best efforts to spread awareness about social distancing and self-quarantine to fight the deadly virus.