Actor Tanushree Dutta, who’s often regarded as the torchbearer of the #MeToo movement in India, spoke out on the Nirbhaya verdict in which all four convicts were issued death warrants by a Delhi High Court. Tanushree supported the verdict but also said death is not the ultimate solution and one needs to target the society at large by attempting to reach to the psychology of people who commit such a heinous crime. The actor also asserted that the main solution is not issuing a death penalty but speeding up the judicial process in delivering justice to the rape survivors.Also Read - 'Dummy Execution' of Nirbhaya Case Convicts to be Carried Out Soon at Delhi's Tihar Jail

Tanushree highlighted that in most cases, the accused die without even being proven guilty by the court of law. She took the example of the Bhanwari Devi case and said the uproar was so high in the Nirbhaya case and yet it took seven years to grant justice to the victim. The actor added that a death penalty may bring respite for a moment but it won’t curb the larger criminal penalty because if it could, the Hyderabad rape and murder case would not have happened. Also Read - Anurag Kashyap Changes Twitter DP And Cover With Deepika Padukone's Image, Urges People to Watch Chhapaak

The actor was quoted by news agency ANI saying, “They had done such a barbaric act that everyone wished that they’d get such a punishment. But are the cases of violent crime reducing because of it? It was always known, ever since they got arrested that they were going to be hanged, still the Hyderabad case happened right?” Tanushree went on to say that with the increase in rape incidents, the judiciary is likely to increase the number of death penalties but it will not eradicate the real problem which is changing the mindset of men. Also Read - Twitterati Stands Tall With Deepika Padukone as She Joins JNU Protests 2 Days Before Chhapaak Release

“I wonder if society is creating such monsters. I also wonder how their childhoods were since it is a theory in psychology that those people do such acts when it takes place with them too. My point is I’m trying to look for a solution, death is never the solution,” said Tanushree.

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