Preaching self independence and progressive mindset globally, Bollywood-turned-Hollywood diva Priyanka Chopra Jonas recently made fans eyes pop out with shock as she revealed how her father, late Dr Ashok Chopra, banned her from wearing tight clothes. Now, Priyanka’s mother, Madhu Chopra has shared why her late husband “simply didn’t approve of the glamorous Western wear” that their daughter had started donning in her teenage years. Also Read - Priyanka Chopra Shares Heart-Warming Post For Mother Madhu Chopra, Says 'I Longed To Be Like Her'

Priyanka, in an interview with British magazine Tatler for the month of April, had shared, “I’d left (India) as a 12-year-old flat-chested, curly-haired kid and I came back (from the US) as a 16-year-old almost-woman. I think my dad was really shaken up by that. He didn’t know what to do with me for the first couple of weeks.” Priyanka’s family lived in the small town of Bareilly in India back then. Also Read - Nick Jonas Misses Priyanka Chopra, Drops Image of Her Looking Gorgeous in Saree | Viral Post

In a recent interview with SpotBoye, Madhu has now shared, ““It wasn’t exactly like that. You see she was 15/16 and had returned from the US. My husband simply didn’t approve of the glamorous Western wear that she had started donning. You see, we were in Rai Barelli then. And trust me, ek din bolne ke baad, she came to her Indian wear. She never hurt us. She is a very intelligent girl.” Also Read - Priyanka Chopra Jonas is Serving Parisian Glamour Realness in Rs 4 Lakh Embellished Gown 

While it is shocking to believe that Priyanka, whose tall claims and works about equal gender rights are known worldwide, had succumbed to this paternal pressure, a same was debated when contrary to her own feminist beliefs, the diva added her husband Nick Jonas’ surname to her name. In her interview with Tatler, Priyanka said that her father used to be progressive but as she grew older, her father became more protective and developed ego clashes with her. The actor revealed how boys used to follow her home and her father always put bars on the windows and discourage her from wearing snug outfits.

In her interview with the glossy, Priyanka also talked about her childhood, her foray into the film industry and personal life after marrying American musician Nick Jonas.