Entertainment News Today, April 18: Various reports suggested that actor Hrithik Roshan helped the paparazzi with money as the industry continues to stay shut amid the nationwide lockdown to curb the growing spread of the coronavirus. Now, the Bollywood photographers have confirmed that both the actor and director Rohit Shetty came to their rescue and transferred money into their bank accounts to help them afloat in these difficult times. In a report published by Mid-Day, leading Bollywood paparazzi Yogen Shah, Viral Bhayani and Manav Manglani revealed how Hrithik and Rohit led the way to help them and other celebrities also inquired about the need of fund.Also Read - COVID-19: Hrithik Roshan Pledges to Donate Rs 25 lakhs to Cine and TV Artistes' Association (CINTAA)

Yogen, who manages the team of around 10 photographers, said he received a call from Hrithik’s team a few days back inquiring about the financial assistance they would like to provide to the photographers. He said even though he had paid the March salaries, he was unsure about April and that’s when Hrithik jumped in and transferred the money directly into the bank accounts of these photographers. “I had paid their salaries for March (but was unsure of the way ahead). Then, I got calls from Rohit Shetty’s production house and Hrithik sir’s team, offering help. Hrithik sir asked whether he should give me a lump sum to be distributed among my boys, or send the money directly to their accounts. I told him to do the latter as my team should know that the funds have come from him,” Yogen explained. Also Read - Entertainment News Today April 15, 2020: Hrithik Roshan Wins Paparazzi's Hearts For Being First to Provide Them With Monetary Help Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Viral mentioned that the Bollywood paparazzi are not a part of any cine body or association, therefore, they can’t look upto to any team or individual for help in the times of the crisis. However, he’s happy that Hrithik has come ahead in extending a helping hand which has also made other celebs take notice of them. He said he too was concerned about the salaries for the month of April but everything is sorted now. Manav also sang the same tune and said after his team members received the money, he asked them to send a part to their families back home. Also Read - Hrithik Roshan Super 30 to be The First Bollywood Release in China After Coronavirus Lockdown

What a beautiful example of staying united in these times!