Entertainment News Today, May 3: Actor Rakesh Roshan, who is currently mourning the death of his dear friend Rishi Kapoor, talked about the memories and how things went from being bad to worse for his friend’s health. In an interview with journalist Subhash K Jha, the veteran actor revealed that Rishi’s health started taking a toll when he went to Delhi in February this year. The senior Roshan said he had a word with Rishi before he was leaving for the capital to attend a wedding and he had advised him to not go there considering he himself had struggled with cancer. Also Read - Former WWE Champion John Cena Pays Tribute to Irrfan Khan, Rishi Kapoor With Cryptic Posts on Instagram

Rakesh Roshan, the father of actor Hrithik Roshan, said Rishi didn’t listen to the piece of advice given and he went there nevertheless and fell ill. The veteran actor added that his friend had a relapse of cancer when he got hospitalised again. He was quoted saying, “Both of us had cancer, though different kinds. I am aware of how infection-prone we are. So when Chintu told me about his plans to go to Delhi in February for a wedding I advised him against it. But he still went and had a relapse there. When I met Chintu he admitted he should’ve listened to me and that he made a mistake by going to Delhi.” Also Read - Kapoor Haveli: Could Not Convert Rishi Kapoor's Peshawar House Into Museum, Says Pakistan

Rishi Kapoor had suffered from leukemia. However, in September last year, he had announced that he was cancer-free after being treated for over a year in New York. Roshan, who battled throat cancer in the past, said Rishi was hospitalised for the last three weeks and he knew that his condition was critical but couldn’t do anything. The veteran actor added that he has been feeling lonely ever since he got to know the news of his friend’s demise. “Rishi was in hospital for three weeks. I knew since last evening that he is critical, but what could I do? We are living in such frustrating times. I really don’t know what to say, but I must tell you that I am feeling so lonely today. Too many memories and they’re all coming rolling back,” Roshan explained. Also Read - Ranbir Kapoor-Alia Bhatt Trolled After Rishi Kapoor's Funeral by Some Uninformed People, Here's Why

In another interview, Roshan revealed that when on the morning of April 30, Randhir Kapoor didn’t pick his call, his heart sank and he then dialled Ranbir Kapoor to inquire about Rishi’s health. The senior actor said it was Ranbir who informed him about Rishi’s demise and the one who also consoled him instead of thinking of his own big loss.