Actor Pankaj Tripathi adds more love to his resume everytime he comes on-screen. After his stunning performance in the Mirzapur series, the audience is once again in awe of his acting skills and the tiny gestures that show why he’s different than the other actors. Tripathi is known to bring a certain subtility to his characters. A meme that has gone viral lately shows exactly the same and appreciates the actor’s ‘neck movements’ that communicate more than his dialogues in the series. Also Read - Mirzapur 2 Makers Apologise to Hindi Author For Using His Novel ‘Dhabba’ in Erotic Scene

In an exclusive chat with, Tripathi talked about the meme and revealed that it was his improvisation. The talented actor said that he saw the video and found it extremely interesting. Tripathi explained how an actor takes years of struggle and hardwork to form such tiny gestures for a character. “I knew how I had to portray Kaleen Bhaiyaa from the very beginning of the show. I had to make him look like a man who speaks less and communicate more with his gestures. I saw that video and I found it very interesting. An actor has to involve himself entirely right from head to toe to perform even that slight movement. That tiny movement has come from the soul,” he said. Also Read - Mirzapur 2 Review: There's More to it Than Just Bhaukaal, Rasika Dugal is Star

Tripathi is popular for adding his own bit to the characters whether dialogue or a gesture that surely doesn’t go unnoticed by the audience. Another case being his famous ‘Aadhar card’ dialogue from Stree that was an impromptu addition to the script. While talking about these interesting additions, the actor said that these things can’t be written in the scripts. When asked if the ‘neck movements’ in Mirzapur were his own improvisation, he said, “Yes, of course. These things are not written in the script. No one tells you what gestures to use. The writer mentions the emotion but not the gesture. You will be told that ‘you are angry over something and you have to do this’ but you won’t be told about the gesture. It’s the job of the actor.”

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