Flight Movie Review: Mohit Chadda Shines in This Exciting Thriller; Get on Board Now!

Your wait for a perfect entertainer this weekend gets over. Mohit Chadda and his team bring a fabulous edge-of-seat thriller - Flight, and you will never regret getting on board! Here's our movie review.

Published: April 2, 2021 9:39 AM IST

By Vineeta Kumar

Mohit Chadda's Thriller Movie 'Flight' Starts Streaming on Amazon Prime Video
Mohit Chadda's Thriller Movie 'Flight' Starts Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Movie: Flight
Director: Suraj Joshi
Cast: Mohit Chadda, Pavan Raj Malhotra,
Shibani Bedi, Viveck Vaswani, Pritam Singh, Zakir Hussain, Ishita Sharma, Farid Currim, Dhruvaditya, Rohit Pant
Stars: 3.5

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How far can your ambitions and your will to extract the truth can take you? Can you risk your life for justice and at the same time maintain calm as if what you are dealing with just never even existed? Mohit Chadda’s movie Flight takes you on a journey to discover these questions and their answers on a very tricky but superbly entertaining path. Each scene in the movie gives the audience an experience of a true-blue thriller with some stupendous action sequences, striking VFX, and funny one-liners that live with you long after you have watched the film.

Ranveer Malhotra is a man whose life is like a mainstream Bollywood film, and he treats it like one. His love for films and Bollywood makes him absolutely vulnerable to situations in life that are straight out of the plot of a full-blown Hindi movie, and he doesn’t forget to deal with such situations without the use of interesting famous dialogues from iconic films.

Flight shows Ranveer’s struggle to fetch a black box that lies in a crashed flight belonging to his company. Many passengers aboard the flight died in the crash and Ranveer decides to investigate the case. Now that black box, which is essentially a flight recorder, is quite crucial to his investigation. The other shareholders are totally against the idea of investigation and they refuse to support Ranveer. But how is any refusal going to stop Ranveer from being heroic? He goes on solo, takes a flight to Dubai for a meeting that can help his probe. But wait. His plane gets hijacked.

The audience is treated to a never-seen-before storyline where the moment you think you know what’s going to happen next, the circumstances change and you are thrown a new surprise. Even though the situations seem a little unrealistic, you believe in Ranveer’s conviction and his efforts in reviving the tainted business. But, no fight is too easy, especially if you’re fighting against your own.

Chadda seems promising and Flight appears gripping as the viewers immerse themselves more into it. It’s stylish from the word go and perhaps there lies its big win. While Mohit Chadda’s performance looks filled with swag, Suraj Joshi’s directorial abilities shine like the flaming sun coming out of dark clouds. There are moments in the film when you want to see more of the other cast members like Zakir Hussain, Pavan Raj Malhotra, and Shibani Bedi. However, the edge-of-seat plot compensates for everything else.

Flight is a good weekend watch, especially in these times when theatres need your support to survive and more filmmakers cancel the theatrical release of their movies. Watch out this action-thriller for a stunning performance by Chadda as he stands to deliver more stellar performances in the future! Get on board now!

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Published Date: April 2, 2021 9:39 AM IST